Wohnzimmer: 3 Einrichtungsideen für Deinen Urban Jungle-Botanicly

Living room: 3 furnishing ideas for your urban jungle

In this article, we want to show you how you can furnish your living room with indoor plants so that it becomes your personal oasis of well-being. Because indoor plants can not only look beautiful, no, they also contribute significantly to a better indoor climate and thus also to well-being. That's why you shouldn't put houseplants that you've randomly gathered in your apartment, because it's possible that some plants don't get along so well with other plants. It is therefore very helpful to think about a small concept of how exactly the design with indoor plants in your own apartment should be. With our three furnishing ideas, we want to give you some suggestions on how you can set up your own urban jungle.

Indoor plants clean the air in your room

Yes, you read that correctly, some houseplants have the positive property of cleaning the air around them of pollutants and thus ensuring a better indoor climate. With their cleansing effect, they filter pollutants and can even help with symptoms such as listlessness, lack of concentration, tiredness and sleep disorders.


First furnishing idea: exotic plant paradise

If you want to furnish your living room with plants from distant continents, then this style might be just right for you and your home. With these three indoor plants you bring an exotic atmosphere into the premises, where every visitor is only amazed and looks enviously at the natural beauties.

1. Example: Medinilla

This tropical plant is called Medinilla magnifica for a reason. In Latin magnifica means magnificent. It is one of the most beautiful species within the approximately 500 Medinilla species and can also be used as a houseplant. The large pink flower panicles hang low and enchant every viewer.


Koalas44, Photo Réunion 23, color by botanicly, CC BY-SA 4.0

Medinilla Care

Unfortunately, taking care of the Medinilla is not that easy. The demanding Medinilla requires a lot of love and affection. It prefers a bright location with high humidity. It should be at least room temperature, if not warmer. In her native country of the Philippines, she also has tropical warm temperatures with high humidity. Under optimal growth conditions, it then develops its unique flowers, which can grow up to 50 cm long.

Tip: Let the top layer of soil dry slightly before you water it, as it does not tolerate waterlogging. The water should be room temperature.

2. Example: Phalaenopsis

The exotic types of Phalaenopsis belong to the orchids. Its name derives from the Greek words phalaina (moth) and opsis (sight). Which is why they are often referred to as moth orchids or butterfly orchids in German-speaking countries, since their white to purple flowers, rarely yellow, are reminiscent of a tropical moth.


Phalaenopsis care

The Phalaenopsis is exactly the right companion for orchid lovers. It is particularly suitable for beginners, as it can bloom all year round with the right care. If the location has a room-warm temperature, then that is a good prerequisite for healthy growth. Due to its home in the tropics, it prefers high humidity and a bright place, but without direct sunlight.You should avoid dry heating air!

Tip: The watering water should always be at room temperature. If water accumulates in the lower pot, it is best to pour it away after about half an hour. However, an immersion bath by simply holding the pot in a tub full of water for ten minutes is the better option.

In our article "Repot houseplants correctly" you can also read how best to repot your orchid.

3. Example: silver fir

With the indoor fir you can bring a small tree into your home. The Norfolk fir, as it is sometimes called, originally comes from the Norfolk Islands, which belong to Australia. The evergreen tree belongs to the Araucaria family and can grow up to 50 meters in height in its South Pacific home.

Wohnzimmereinrichten mit exotischen Zimmerpflanzen.

Indoor fir care

The indoor fir prefers cooler temperatures, such as a cool conservatory where the temperature is around 18 °C. In addition, a bright location by a window, but without direct sunlight, is very suitable for them. From spring to autumn you should water the fir evenly with lime-free water. In winter you can be a bit more economical with watering.

Caution: If the air temperature is too dry, the needles start falling and the pine tree is more susceptible to mealybugs.

Second furnishing idea: country house style in your living room

In addition to the somewhat exotic indoor plants from just now, you can also set up your own home with blooming beauties in a country house style. These three plants bloom in different colors and round off your living room interior with their natural look.

1. Example: Miltonia

The genus Miltonia belongs to the orchids. With proper care, their flowers shine all year round, as with many other types of orchids. The one to ten short-stalked flowers often have a velvety structure and a spotty coloration.


Dalton Holland Baptista, Miltonia regnellii cz, color by botanicly, CC BY-SA 3.0

Miltonia care

The Miltonia is a rather undemanding houseplant. Still, there are a few things you should watch out for. The humidity should always be between 60 and 80%. A partially shaded location is ideal for the Miltonia. During the winter months, you can expose them to direct sunlight for a few hours, but not for too long.

Tip: The Miltonia is watered according to exactly the same principle as the Phalaenopsis, which also belongs to the orchids.

2. Example: Bird of Paradise Flower

The bird of paradise flower particularly catches the eye with its eye-catching orange-colored flowers. In South Africa and the Canary Islands, the plant can grow almost like a tree. With proper care, it can grow up to two meters high in your living room.

bird of paradise flower care

The easy-care bird of paradise flower is a real gem, especially for beginners. From May to September, the houseplant prefers a light and airy location. In the winter months she can hibernate in a cooler place (10-15°C).

Tip: If you provide your bird of paradise flower with plenty of water in summer, you can be sure that the large leaves will get enough water.


3.Example: Oncidie

The flower color spectrum of the Oncidie, which also belongs to the orchids, is large. It ranges from red, brown and pink to yellowish-green or white. The callus-like outgrowth at the base of the flower lip is typical of an oncidia flower. A good identifier for this houseplant. Maybe that's why it's a perfect houseplant to furnish your living room.

Wohnzimmer einrichten mit Zimmerpflanzen im Landhausstil.

Hobbykafe, Oncidium yellow, color by botanicly, CC BY-SA 3.0

Onciedie Care

The Oncidie has moderate demands when it comes to care. The nice thing about the Oncidie genus is that there are species for different temperature ranges. There is something for every living room. So you should always find out when buying the plant what temperatures they are suitable for. All types of Oncidie need light and therefore prefer a bright location. In the main growth phase you should provide the plant with plenty of water. The water should always be room temperature and stale.

Third furnishing idea: Extraordinary and extravagant

If you would like to set up your living room in a different way with indoor plants, then this furnishing style is just right for you. With the extraordinary green you can set up your living room in a very unconventional and simple way. Even without eye-catching floral decorations, your kingdom will become a real oasis of well-being.

1. Example: Moss

You can use moss in combination with stones, for example, to set up a small miniature garden on your living room table. This generation-changing plant can be integrated into your living room as a houseplant. Whether you plant the moss in bowls with peat sand or add decorative stones is up to you.


Moss Care

You should regularly spray the moss pad with soft water so that it retains its beautiful lush green colour. If the moss is in a sunny location, you should water the plant daily. A semi-shady to shady location with high humidity is therefore ideal.

2. Example: Green Love Curls

With its shoots, the green love curls plant looks like twisted chives. These can grow up to 30 cm long. This makes them the perfect eye-catcher in your living room. Since the structure of the love curls is already very striking, it is best to plant them in a plain pot that does not distract from the plant.

Green love curl care

The green love curls plant belongs to the marsh plants and therefore has nothing against waterlogging. If you always leave a little water in the planter, this is the right basis for healthy growth. It is best to place the plant in a warm and sunny location so that it can develop the long, evergreen shoots evenly.

3. Example: Money Tree

The money tree, originally from South Africa, is also known as the lucky tree and is a popular houseplant in Germany. Over the years, the initially mini plant can grow into a magnificent little tree. The thick growth of the trunk and branches is characteristic of the money tree. After all, they must be stable to be able to carry the heavy green leaves.


Care for money tree

The money tree is also one of the popular indoor plants because it is very easy to care for. In summer it is happy with a sunny to partially shaded location. In winter it should be placed in a cool but bright place.On the other hand, it does not tolerate warm heating air at all

Tip: Avoid waterlogging in the pot. Therefore, always make sure that you do not water it too often. Especially on cool days, it should only be watered seldom.

Proper care of indoor plants

Proper care of indoor plants is a prerequisite for healthy growth. After all, your houseplant should look splendid. It is all the more important to support them in this. Be it the right lighting conditions, the watering behavior or even pests that can infest the plant, all of this is part of the care. In our article "The little 1 × 1 of houseplant care" you will find numerous tips and tricks on this topic.

Are you unsure? We will find your personal plant for you!

Are you still unsure which houseplant or which style suits you and your living room? This is not a problem! Because that's exactly what we're here for. We have made it our mission to provide you with help and advice during the process of looking for houseplants. You can easily find out which plant(s) are made for you and your home with the help of the plant expert on our site. After all, the goal is to create a small green oasis in your home. And that's exactly what we want to tackle together with you!


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