Wann Tomaten pflanzen? Der richtige Zeitpunkt für eine leckere Ernte-Botanicly

When to plant tomatoes? The right time for a tasty harvest

The right timing when planting tomatoes is crucial for a successful harvest with aromatic-tasting fruits. Since you can plant tomatoes on the balcony as well as in the greenhouse or in the vegetable patch, we have dedicated ourselves to this topic: when to plant tomatoes? With our tips nothing can go wrong and you will have small tomato plants at home in no time.

Background: The life of a tomato plant

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are fruit vegetables and originally come from Central and South America. The tomato only came to Europe with the discovery of America in the 15th and 16th centuries. At that time they were still considered poisonous and therefore only used as an ornamental plant until it was found out that the ripe tomatoes are very suitable for consumption. In the meantime, they have become an integral part of the traditional cuisines of many cultures and are considered a very important foodstuff all over the world. As diverse as the different tomato varieties are, the care of the tomato plants is just as different. Of course, it also makes a difference where or at which location you plant your tomatoes.

Greetings in diversity!

Through centuries of breeding, there are now over 1000 different tomato varieties. There is even the assumption that the number is over several thousand due to private breeding. Since different tomato varieties can be crossed with each other in your own greenhouse (a bit of experience is of course necessary for this) in order to emphasize certain properties, this assumption is very realistic. The tomato is subdivided, for example, according to its size, purpose and shape. This creates different groups again.

Botanical properties of tomatoes

From a botanical point of view, all tomato varieties belong to the nightshade family (Solanaceae) and are therefore very closely related to potatoes or aubergines. The nice thing about perennials is that you can easily sow and plant them at home. No matter whether on the windowsill or in the greenhouse, you are sure to end up with super delicious tasting tomatoes for many creative dishes. The enchantingly tasting fruits later grow from the yellow flowers. Since not all the fruits on the plant ripen at the same time, with the right care you will have something of your tomato varieties for a long time. The shape as well as the color is very diverse. The tomatoes can be round, oval, oblong or even flat. The color spectrum ranges from red to orange to green, violet or yellow. Different patterns are also possible.


When to plant tomatoes: indoor cultivation

Planting the tomatoes at the right time is a prerequisite for healthy growth of the fruit. Before planting, you can even grow your own little seedlings at home with the help of little tomato seeds. Basically, sowing tomatoes is not very easy. Especially if you finally want to eat nice red and tasty tomatoes again, it's really worth it. In addition, the seeds are much cheaper than young plants in the shops. The advantage of growing it yourself: Freshly harvested fruits have a higher content of healthy ingredients!

The right moment to sow

Tomatoes should always be sown at the right time. Because only the right interplay of light, warmth, moisture and time ensures that your tomatoes thrive. Sowing too early or too late causes damage at maturity.Last but not least, the sowing time depends on your location. In general, tomato seeds are sown between mid-February and mid-April. Depending on whether on the windowsill or in the greenhouse, there are differences. Outdoor sowing does not start until mid-May when temperatures are warmer.

What happens after sowing or transplanting?

After about two to three weeks, the first tomato leaves will appear. Now you should carefully lift each seedling out with its root system (pricking out) and plant it in a pot. There the tomato can continue to develop optimally. If you have a garden, you can plant them outside from mid-May or put them outside in a larger pot, for example on the balcony.

  • Balcony: from mid-May you can put your tomatoes in the pot on the sunny balcony
  • Greenhouse: From mid-April your tomatoes can thrive in the greenhouse
  • Garden: from mid-May you can plant your tomatoes in a vegetable bed

When to plant tomatoes: On the balcony

Like other plants, tomatoes have certain requirements that you should meet for healthy growth. At the end of the day, you want to have a sufficiently large harvest of aromatic fruit. Basically, you can plant any type of tomato on your balcony. Low-growing varieties such as bush tomatoes are particularly suitable due to their low height.


Basic requirement: the right location

Since your tomatoes need a lot of sun and warmth, you should only put them outside on the balcony from mid-May, then the last frost will definitely be over. Locations to the south are very suitable. An additional roof that protects against heavy rainfall is ideal. However, the move to freedom can also happen too quickly, so that the leaves of the tomato plants start to burn.

Tip: At the beginning, only place the tomatoes outside on the balcony for a few hours to prevent the young plants from being exposed to too much sunlight at the beginning.

When to plant tomatoes - the care afterwards: You should pay attention to this

As you've probably noticed, tomatoes are made up of more than 50% water. To be more precise, more than 90% is water in the fruit. For this reason, you must also ensure that they are always watered regularly. If you want to avoid cutting, then you should reach for the bush tomatoes. All other tomato varieties often grow outwards and have to be "maxed out": Superfluous side arms in the leaf axes can simply be carefully removed with your finger. In our article "Tomato plant care: all insider tips at a glance" you will find out more important information about the exact care.

When to plant tomatoes: In the greenhouse

The most important question when it comes to greenhouses is: When should you plant your tomatoes? In order to be able to harvest delicious fruits, we have the most important information for you at a glance. Stick tomatoes are best suited for planting in the greenhouse, as they do not take up as much space and therefore do not get in the way of their neighboring tomato plant. The advantage of a greenhouse: the plants are well protected in bad weather.


Basic requirement: the right location

As soon as you recognize the first flowers, i.e. from around mid-April, you can transfer your tomato plants to the greenhouse. Always make sure that the flowers are facing towards the inside of the greenhouse. Your (young) plants in the greenhouse also need a lot of sun for their growth.Therefore, it should also be in a sunny location

Tip: To ensure good ventilation inside the greenhouse, open the side windows at regular intervals or leave the greenhouse completely open on very hot days.

When to plant tomatoes - the care afterwards: You should pay attention to this

You should also not make any mistakes in the care of the tomatoes in your greenhouse, especially when watering them, since damp leaves, for example, can promote fungal spores on the plant. Basically, the same applies here: Always water from below, preferably with rainwater or stagnant tap water. Make sure that the soil is never completely dry or waterlogged. A healthy middle ground is optimal.

Correct spacing between the tomato seedlings

The tomato plants need a lot of space. It is therefore important to leave enough space between the seedlings when planting in the greenhouse. Normally, a distance of at least half a meter between each tomato plant is necessary. If you don't have that much space, just plant pole tomatoes that will grow tall. Due to lack of space, heating in the greenhouse is also very important.

Everything at a glance

You have come to the end and are now familiar with the topic "When to plant tomatoes". We hope that our tips have helped you.



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