10 pflegeleichte Büropflanzen für den stressigen Alltag-Botanicly

10 easy-care office plants for stressful everyday life

You've treated yourself to your well-deserved vacation and can now return to work relaxed. And of course everyone knows it, the plants from your office have died and not a single one can be saved. Well, that can no longer happen to you with our easy-care office plants. We have selected the 10 best plants for your stressful everyday life and of course where you can buy them.

Hint 1: Ufo Plant

The UFO plant or Pilea peperomioides is considered a lucky charm in China and is particularly striking due to its round, plate-shaped leaves. This easy-care balcony plant needs a light to partially shaded location. The Pilea does not tolerate waterlogging at all, this leads to rotting of the roots. You only have to fertilize the Ufo plant 1 year after purchase. After that you are welcome to give some liquid fertilizer monthly. In winter, the colder it is, the less it needs to be watered. The substrate should not dry out either in winter or in summer.

pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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Tip 2: Cactus Cereus Forbesii

These cacti look extraordinary. They don't have this shape naturally, but were specially cultivated by breeders to create a spiral shape. Cacti of the genus Cereus require full sunlight. In the main growing season you water the cacti moderately, the soil should always dry slightly between waterings. In winter you water the cacti very little and make sure that the soil does not dry out completely.

pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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Tip 3: Croton in hydroponics

The croton is also called the miracle shrub because of its magnificent colors. This easy-care office plant has surprisingly few requirements. It should be as bright as possible, the brighter it is, the more colorful the leaves. The croton does not like drafts and does not tolerate sharp temperature changes. Room temperatures around 20°C and a fairly high level of humidity are ideal. So feel free to spray them with a little water from time to time. You don't need to worry about regular watering with this plant. It is planted in hydroponics and therefore only has to pay attention to the water level indicator. You can learn more about hydroponics here.pflegeleichte Büropflanze

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Tip 4: Dragon tree in hydroponics

The dragon tree is one of the most popular indoor plants and also perfect for your office. She likes to be in a bright spot and because of her hydroponic planting you only have to pay attention to the water level indicator. This way you can neither water too little nor too much.

pflegeleichte Büropflanze

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Hint 5: Euphorbia Cactus

This cactus is probably one of the easiest office plants to look after. It prefers a sunny to partially shaded location and should be watered sparingly. This cactus develops best with at least 3 hours of sun a day. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Between April and September you can feed it with some liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks.Wolfsmilch Kaktus

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Tip 6: Philodendron scandens in hydroponics

This easy-care office plant has a particularly beautiful light green colour. The heart-shaped leaves are unique and create a casual vibe. This plant can also stand in partial shade and since it was planted hydroponically, you can neither overwater it nor let it dry out. All you have to do is watch the water gauge.pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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Tip 7: Bonsai in hydroponics

Bonsai are incredibly popular indoor plants and now they're perfect for any office too.Bonsai like a light spot, but they shouldn't be in direct sun. Bonsai are always difficult to water, but this bonsai is a particularly easy-to-care-for office plant because it was grown hydroponically. So you hardly have to worry about watering, just pay regular attention to the water level indicator.pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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Tip 8: Ivy in hydroponics

Efeutute Scindapsus pictus Monstrosus is a very easy-care plant. Normally, the top layer of soil is allowed to dry out before watering the ivy. Inside the root ball there should be a light, even moisture. As soon as the first drops of water run out of the pot, stop watering. Drain off excess water after 5 minutes. Of course, the easiest way is to keep the plants hydroponic. Here you only have to pay attention to the water level indicator, nothing more.pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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Tip 9: Ragwort

The ragwort or Senecio cephalophorus is a perennial, evergreen houseplant that reaches a maximum height of approx. 20cm. The leaves have a leathery surface and grow like rosettes. This makes her look like a flower. The ragwort forms red flowers. Water them regularly and let the soil dry out in between. This easy-care office plant prefers a bright spot. Be careful, the plant and parts of the plant are unfortunately poisonous.pflegeleichte Büropflanze

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Tip 10: nest ferns in hydroponics

The nest fern "Asplenium antiquum Osaka" needs little light and is perfect for slightly darker offices. In the main growing season you should water the nest fern plentifully. In winter, however, rather moderate. However, the bale should not dry out. Use low-lime, room-warm water as irrigation water. Rainwater is ideal for this. The nest fern likes high humidity, so spray it with a little water every now and then.pflegeleichte Büropflanzen

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You can transform your office into a small biotope with our 10 easy-care office plants. Did you know that plants can massively improve the air in your home and especially in your office? They can clean the air of pollutants floating around your office. Do you want to know more about it? Then take a look at our article on air-purifying office plants.


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