Discover the top collections from  Holland's best   breeders

Why Decorum?

Under the Decorum brand, the best growers in the Netherlands have been brought together. Only the best flowers and plants from the best nurseries in the Netherlands are sold with the best recommendations from Decorum. This way we can make the world happy every day with the most beautiful and best flowers and plants available, of course in the highest quality. So we can say that Decorum flowers and plants are for the Dutch consumer.

How does Decorum do it?

Decorum is characterized by taking paths that others do not. By the love that the grower gives to his product, with an eye for quality and the craftsmanship that is required for the perfect flower or plant. Every year we are on the lookout for new varieties of flowers and plants that fit what people like now or in the future. We care about people and nature by growing all flowers and plants in the most sustainable way possible. This is what sets Decorum apart from others and guarantees that you will receive only the best of the best when you bring a Decorum product into your home.

What makes decorum stand out?

Only the best flowers and plants, exclusively selected from the best growers in Holland, complete the top collection of Decorum. This makes Decorum for Dutch consumers.