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Buying indoor plants: You should pay attention to this

When you bring indoor plants into your home, the decision is not always easy. You can't buy just any plant you like, because not every one suits you and your home. It is always important that you and your loved ones are a good match, otherwise your plant can quickly die out. In order to prevent this, we would like to give you a few tips that you should consider when buying. Because buying houseplants doesn't just mean randomly bringing a plant into your home. No, deliberation, weighing and rethinking is also part of it. You should pay attention to this

The right place for indoor plants

Why do plants need light at all? It's actually quite obvious: without light there is no photosynthesis and without photosynthesis there is no growth. Through the incident light they perform true miracles. Your indoor plants also use the climate-damaging CO2 to generate energy. The absorbed sunlight is converted into oxygen and glucose (dextrose) together with water. The plant stores the glucose and uses it for its own needs. This chemical process makes them the heroes of our nature!

Our plant selection based on location

Since not every plant needs the same amount of light, we made a selection based on the light intensity. Buying indoor plants also means checking the lighting conditions in your home.

3 indoor plants for low light

Maranta leuconeura

In the tropical rainforests, the Maranta leuconeura rustles gently in the undergrowth. Its white to pale pink flowers appear in the spring and summer months. Placing her in a partially shaded spot in your bedroom will give you the feeling of sleeping in nature. You should provide them with rainwater or distilled water twice a week. Like most other low-light houseplants, you need to fertilize them once a month during the summer.

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Calathea Dottie

The Calathea Dottie is a classic for a less light-flooded corner of your apartment. With its dark green to purple leaves and the strikingly light nerve and velvety hairs, the plant is a unique beauty. Since the soil should always be slightly moist, a sip of water twice a week is good for it. In summer, fertilizing once a month with liquid fertilizer is sufficient.

Zimmerpflanzen für wenig Licht

Calathea Ornata

Just like Calathea Dottie, Calathea Ornata can survive in nature on the murky jungle floor. With its magnificently patterned leaves, it is the queen of your home. A sip of water (preferably soft water) twice a week is sufficient. You should not forget additional fertilizing in summer (once a month).

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3 indoor plants for lots of light

Balsam Apple

The balsam apple (Clusia rosea Princess) with its juicy green leaves grows naturally in the Caribbean. It thrives excellently both in the jungle and in rugged lava landscapes. In your home, it looks particularly good in a bright bathroom. For perfect growth, you should water the balsam apple twice a week.

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Aloe Vera

With its thick, fleshy and pointed leaves, the Aloe Vera is considered a medicinal plant, since the gel-like inner leaf has healing effects on a wide variety of diseases. The leaves can be about 50 centimeters long and even reach a width of about seven centimeters in well-growing plants.The aloe vera likes a warm and bright location. Watering twice a week is quite sufficient as it is good at storing water.


Senecio Aquarine

The original home of the Sencecio Aquarine is East Africa. With its expressive grey-blue shimmering leaves, it is the eye-catcher in your home. In a bright and sunny location, it combines very well with other plants. The water requirement of the plant is very low. You only have to water them every one to two weeks. In summer you should fertilize your beautiful Sencecio Aquarineonce a month.


Estimating the maintenance effort is very important

Not all plants need the same attention when it comes to care. First and foremost it depends on the species, how often you have to water them or repot them, for example. In addition, the natural habits and current conditions of the plant and its environment also play a major role. Of course, if your houseplant originally grows in rainy areas, you'll need to water it more than maybe other houseplants. This is exactly how you have to deal with fertilizing. Depending on the soil in which the plant grows, you should provide additional nutrients so that it can enjoy healthy growth.

Our selection of plants depends on the amount of care required

Since not every plant requires the same amount of care, we have made a selection based on the amount of care required. Buying indoor plants also means looking at how much care and attention you want and are able to give to your darlings.

3 indoor plants that require little maintenance

Gum Tree

The rubber tree scores with its simple, classic look. This allows it to adapt to the variety of apartments. Its irregular trunk is well anchored in the ground by rib-like roots. It grows its distinctive dark green large leaves. It is best to place your rubber tree in the brightest spot in your home, then it will be completely satisfied. A sip of water once a week is enough. In addition, you should give it liquid fertilizer once a month in summer.

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lucky chestnut

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the lucky chestnut with its elongated green leaves stands for prosperity and luck. Its twisted trunk is also unique. The lucky chestnut may not only benefit you because of its appearance, but also because of the low maintenance required. All you need to do is give her a sip of water a week and put her in a low to medium light spot out of direct sunlight.

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In its original habitat, the subtropical areas and the rain forests, the Begonia Albopicta thrives up to an altitude of 4000 meters. It is characterized by its painted silvery dots that appear on the dark green leaves. A west or east window, for example, is particularly suitable for this. If you water your plant with soft water once a week, it will thank you with its magnificent growth.

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3 indoor plants that require a lot of care

Ufo Plant

The Ufoplant owes its name to its unusual appearance. Their growth height of about 30-40 cm is not very remarkable. But her leaf decoration is all the more vivid! The leaves grow on thin leaf stalks and have the shape of a flying object like from another galaxy. It is best to place the plant in a bright to semi-shady location without direct sunlight.The soil should always be kept slightly moist (water about twice a week).



The Efeutute is a climbing plant that climbs along trees or house walls in its natural environment. Due to its leaves, which it propagates tendril-like, it can reach a few meters in height. For example, your bedroom with low to medium light conditions is a perfect location for Efeutute. If you always keep the soil of your plant slightly moist (a sip of water twice a week), then there is nothing wrong with this beautiful one To bring leaf greenness to your home!


ornamental asparagus

The ornamental asparagus is characterized by its distinctive, delicate, thin leaves. The growth type and height varies depending on the variety. The ornamental asparagus can reach a height of up to 100 cm. Sometimes it grows more upright, sometimes its long shoots hang down. It is best to place it in a location with little to medium light. Make sure the soil is never completely dry (water twice a week).

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Where should I buy my houseplants?

Now you're probably still wondering where is the best place to buy your houseplants? There are very different approaches. We want to introduce you to two here.

Buy offline indoor plants

Buying houseplants offline means that you can personally go to a store and see the plants on site. Of course, this means you have to make your way to a plant store or hardware store. If you don't have a lot of time at the moment, this is of course not very practical. But if you want to see with your own eyes what kind of houseplant you are buying and get personal advice from an employee, then you should take the time.

Buy indoor plants online

Buying indoor plants online sounds very convenient and it is. Simply click through a plant page from the couch at home, choose a houseplant and order it for your home. You don't have to take the time to go to a store, you can do everything from home. However, you will then only see the plants on photos and not in person, which may not please everyone. But it is time-saving and especially suitable for people who cannot afford to go to a shop with much effort. Because they should also have the opportunity to decorate their home with green natural beauties.

Botanicly.de – This distinguishes us from other platforms

We, botanicly, see ourselves not only as plant sellers, but also as plant advisors. Our selection of plants is perfectly tailored to you and your home. With the help of our consulting pool, we are able to assist you before and during the selection of a houseplant. After all, our goal is not to send you just any plant home, but to suggest exactly the houseplant that reflects your home and you as a whole. The big plus: If you have questions about care, you can read information about certain plants in our articles or you can simply contact us directly.


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