Zimmerpflanzen kaufen: 7 unkaputtbare Pflanzen und wie sie unsterblich werden-Botanicly

Buying houseplants: 7 indestructible plants and how they become immortal

Many plant lovers ask us which houseplants are the easiest to care for. So if you have a lot to do or you don't have a green thumb, then these houseplants can make you particularly happy. These 7 plants have a very good reputation for their robustness and undemanding nature. Some get by with little light, while others get by with little water. You indestructible houseplants, we want to thank you! Our lives and surroundings are greener with you for many years now, and buying houseplants is so much easier with you.

Plant 1: sun lovers, the tillandsia

Plants always need soil, light and water to survive. However, this is not always the case. Tilandsia can easily survive 2-3 weeks without water. In their natural environment they live on other plants or on rocks. The leaves of these extraordinary plants have tiny suction scales that they use to filter moisture and minerals from the air and therefore do not need soil.

In order for the tilandsia to survive in your home, they need water that is as lime-free as possible every 2-3 weeks. Rainwater or boiled water are particularly suitable here. You can gently dip them in water once or you can spray them.

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Pflanzen ohne Erde - Tillandsien

Plant 2: For shady places, the scalloped plant

The scalloped hemp is incredibly easy to care for. It is one of the succulents (water-storing plants) and therefore does not need to be watered often. Since it comes from the desert region, it can store water very well with its thick, fleshy leaves. You don't need to repot this houseplant often either, as it even likes to be a little tighter in the pot. The bow hemp is also very robust against pathogens and pests.

So if you want to buy these houseplants and make them immortal, you should definitely water them very infrequently. The biggest mistake you can make with her is watering too much.


Plant 3: The ivy, sun or shade doesn't matter

Efeutute is a very popular houseplant. It hardly needs any water and forgives you from being dry at times. It is therefore ideal for anyone who has to travel frequently. If you water the plant too much, its roots can quickly rot. So make sure that the irrigation water can run off well. However, there should not be enough light either, so place them in a bright room or directly by the window. It easily survives several days in your apartment without being noticed.

Efeutute also absorbs toxins from its environment, including nicotine. This houseplant filters formaldehyde from furniture varnish and reduces the level of CO2 in the air.

Zimmerpflanzen kaufen

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Plant 4: For dark corners, the Zamioculcas

You want to buy incredibly undemanding houseplants that are also indestructible? Then we have the perfect plant for you here. The Zamioculcas has become a very popular houseplant in Germany.

It needs hardly any water and hardly any light. The only important thing for her is that the irrigation water does not accumulate in her pot. So before watering, make sure that it really needs water. You can see this best when you lift them out of their pot and see if their roots are not sufficiently moist.

Plant 5: A bright place for the palm trees

These tropical houseplants are very hardy and reminiscent of sunny sandy beaches. They convey a feeling of vacation and therefore create a relaxing atmosphere. You should only water them when their soil is dry. Even if they have forgotten them, they are not very resentful. However, you should make sure that they have a bright location in your apartment. They also need some space to unfold. So how about your living room, they can definitely unfold well here and are also very decorative.

Would you like to know more about her and her origins? Then check out the article we wrote about her.

Zimmerpflanze kaufen

Plant 6: The ivy prefers the shade

With its magnificent green foliage, this climbing plant even adorns niches with little light. Unfortunately, the ivy plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, so look for a partially shaded place for your ivy. It cleans the air of pollutants and enriches the air you breathe in your home. However, regular watering is incredibly important with these houseplants.

Plant 7: buy indoor plants for bright places, the aloe vera

These thick-leaved houseplants are also succulents, so they hardly need any water. 2-3 times a week is sufficient. If you want your aloe vera plant to stay alive for a long time, you should make sure that the water in the pot never accumulates. She also doesn't like it when you water her from above. So make sure that your leaves don't get any water. Sunlight is also very important to aloe vera, so make sure it has a bright spot to linger.

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There is no excuse why you shouldn't buy houseplants. You can decorate your home with these indestructible plants and benefit from their advantages. Whether it's the air filtering property or they just hang beautifully on your closet. These 7 plants are incredibly hardy and won't hurt you if you forget to water them. The most important thing with them, however, is that you find the right location for them.

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