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Where is the right location for indoor plants?

Many of our houseplants come from other parts of the world. The yucca palm, for example, comes from the deserts of North America, many types of orchids come from the tropics in South America and Asia. Our plants are therefore happiest when the environment is close to their natural. That is, when the temperature and humidity are similar to their homeland. If the location is unsuitable for houseplants, they will develop brown spots on the leaves and the leaves may fall off completely.

This is the right spot for houseplants

Plants do not like draughty places or rooms with strongly changing day and night temperatures or strong light fluctuations. Otherwise, light and humidity are the two most important criteria for estimating which location is best for indoor plants.

The desert is in the living room: yucca palms and co.

Yucca Palme

In the living room it is mostly dry and warm. It is therefore a good location for plants from desert regions such as the yucca palm. She likes it sunny and dry. Yucca palms look good in a south-facing window. If you don't have enough light in the living room, you can also opt for the kitchen or the bedroom. It shouldn't be in the bathroom because the humidity is too high here. The same applies to rubber trees.

, by the way

Bananas have similar needs to yucca palms, but do not like direct sunlight. Then the banana can get sunburned and damaged.

Beware of sunburn

Indoor plants can also get sunburnt. This manifests itself in brown leaves. There can be two reasons for sunburn on indoor plants. Possibility 1: Your plant, like bananas, is not suitable for direct sun. Possibility 2: The plant was moved from a shady place to full sun and has not yet gotten used to it. If your indoor plants get sunburned, you can use scissors to cut off the brown leaves to just short of the healthy part of the leaf.

The rain forest sprout in the bathroom: monkey tree and co.

Pflanzen für Bad

Tropical plants from rainforests do well in warm, humid places like the bathroom. The monkey tree are the houseplant if you have a shady bathroom. They love high humidity and don't need a lot of light. That's why you can put them in a window with little light. Another plant for the bathroom is the golden palm. She likes it bright, but doesn't want blazing sun. In addition, it needs high humidity and can therefore be placed in a bright window in the bathroom. The same applies to orchids.

If the bathroom isn't a suitable location for houseplants, you can choose another room with sufficient lighting conditions. But it is important to increase the humidity.

They dance at every wedding: succulents and co.

Succulents and cacti are very relaxed housemates when it comes to watering. It is important that they get enough light and solar heat. Therefore, succulents should be in a nice sunny location. A south-facing window gives you the most light and lots of solar heat. This is where cacti and succulents grow fastest, in less bright places they thrive more slowly.

For those who managed to grow an avocado tree from a seed - congratulations! From now on you have a pretty relaxed houseplant. Avocados can be placed on the balcony in summer, but they also do well in the apartment.The brighter the location, the faster your plant will grow

Tip: the greener, the more frugal

A simple way to estimate how much or how little light a plant needs is this: the darker the plant's natural leaf green, the better it will handle shade. This is because the dark leaf color increases the ability to absorb and convert light.

The right location in winter

Indoor plants reduce their metabolism in winter and therefore need special winter quarters. In addition to the stairwell and the basement, the bedroom may also be suitable.

Wasn't your plant there? Write us a comment and we will help you to find the right location.


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