Wir läuten den Frühling ein mit Narzissen!-Botanicly

We're ringing in spring with daffodils!

If we discover the first yellow blossoms of daffodils in parks, on the balcony, on the side of the road or in our own garden, then spring is not far away and we are flooded with pleasant anticipation. The Amaryllis plant originally comes from the Iberian Peninsula. From the 16th century, however, this spread together with the tulips and other bulbous plants in Central European gardens. Since then, they have ushered in the warm seasons!


Plant yourself a daffodil

In order for the daffodils in your garden or on the balcony to start blooming in March, you should plant your bulbs in September or October. This gives them time until the onset of winter to establish themselves in the ground and make themselves comfortable in order to survive the long cold period. A rule of thumb says that you should put the onion twice to three times as deep as the diameter of the onion and at a distance of about 15 cm. Your onion will thrive best in a sunny spot!

How do I deal with her?

Are you the proud owner of a daffodil? Then you have to water these flowers a little every day, because they like it moist. You should only be careful when growing in pots that no water remains in the pot, as the bulbs quickly start to rot if they get waterlogged. All of the components of a daffodil contain amaryllidaceae alkaloids, which are poisonous and can cause nausea and vomiting. After flowering, the leaves always stay a little longer. Don't cut them off either! During this time, the onion stores nutrients via the leaves for the coming year. Only when the leaves turn yellow can you remove them. If you cut off the leaves too early, you will recognize this from your daffodils' reluctance to flower next year.

botanicly_narzissen botanicly_narzisse

Daffodils as symbols

They stand for liveliness, freshness and fertility as they herald spring. But also vanity and self-love. The last meaning can be traced back to Greek mythology. According to this, there once lived a young and beautiful youth named Narcissus. This constantly spurned the love offers of the nymph Echo. Rejected and angry, Echo caused Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection as he bent over a stream to drink water. He stared at himself for days until he fell into the water and drowned. He celebrated his resurrection as a beautiful and fragrant flower that now bears his name.

Daffodils and daffodils

They are available in yellow, white, pink or two-tone. The assortment of daffodils is so large that it has been divided into groups according to botanical characteristics. The daffodil, also known as the trumpet daffodil because of its distinctive flower, forms its own group. So every daffodil is a daffodil, but not every daffodil is a daffodil.

botanicly_narzissen-pflanzen botanicly_narzissen-pflegen

You don't have much space in your apartment and still want to herald spring in your four walls? Then, for example, the little daffodil "Tete-a-Tete" is just right for you. It is just 20 cm tall, smells wonderfully sweet and fits on even the smallest window sill. For us, the narcissus is definitely the starting signal for the plant world, which is now starting to grow and bloom again!

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