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Why plants make you happy

Plants are more than just decoration in your home. They make your life friendlier and brighter. Even if they are just by the window, in a dreary corner or hanging from the ceiling, they enrich your life and have a positive effect on you and those around you. There are plants that make you happy and we will tell you in a few words why they can do that.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had plants just to be happier. The best example of this is the hanging gardens of Babylon. These gardens were among the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

The wife of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II longed for forests and mountains from her homeland. The king then had the hanging gardens built. The gardens are said to have been 24m high and decorated with many plants and fountains.

Unfortunately, there is still no trace of the Hanging Gardens. In today's Iraq, where they are said to have once flourished, only ruins can be found. To date, only records by writers have been found who are said to have never seen the wonder of the world with their own eyes.


Plant therapy, does that really help?

It is becoming increasingly popular to collect plants and take care of them. Their beautiful colors and shapes make lifeless spaces much more lively and beautiful.

Today people are more indoors than ever before. This is especially true for people who live in big cities. Most of the time, people need to specifically go to parks or plan day visits outside of the city beforehand. City dwellers usually have to travel long distances to get to nature and are usually unwilling to drive out of the city again because of work.


Forest bathing

Plant therapy is very trendy at the moment. A good example of therapy with plants is probably "forest bathing". Here, people purposefully go into the forest to get away from their stressful everyday life. When bathing in the forest, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings, the trees, leaves and bushes. You should be there with all your senses, which also means smelling and hearing. Be it birdsong or the scent of damp moss.

However, the forest air also contains some substances that are good for the body, such as the so-called terpenes. These help the body to produce more killer cells that work against cancer. Studies have shown that being in the forest reduces anxiety, depression and anger, reduces stress hormones and increases vitality. So there are definitely plants that make you happy.

We have dedicated an entire article to this trend, so you can read even more interesting things about the topic here.


Why indoor plants fascinate us

Plants have a calming effect on us. In hospitals, patients feel much more comfortable and are less bored. Sometimes they speak of a healing effect through their mere presence.

We humans are happy to see how plants grow and multiply. We see that she is fine and happy. When someone else is doing well and happy, it spreads like a virus. We have already written some articles about plants that make you happy. One of them is the Monstera, here you can find out some information about it.

Plants are still almost unexplored organisms for us. They can communicate with each other and other living beings via signal substances and can adapt to a wide variety of circumstances.If you would like to learn more about communication among plants, then we have the right article for you


3 plants that make you happy

Plants are not only pretty decorations, they also make you happy. We have 3 special plants here that make you happy.


The Monstera or window leaf has now become a real trend plant. With its large, dark green leaves, it enchants your home into a real jungle. You can now find them on wallpaper, coasters or crockery. The Monstera forms aerial roots, so it is particularly important to provide it with a support or climbing aid. With this climbing aid, it grows and thrives a lot better. Of course you can also buy a beautiful example in our shop.

Euphorbia Cactus

The Euphorbia Cactus or also known as Spurge is a really beautiful cactus. It grows as a stiffly upright plant with some lateral shoots. This cactus needs a bright to moderately sunny spot. The soil of this plant is only slightly moistened and just not waterlogged. If you are interested in the Euphorbia Cactus, you can buy it in our shop right away.

Pilea peperomioides

The Pilea, also known as Glückstaler, looks like it came from another planet. These plants that make you happy originally come from China and actually grow at an altitude of 3000 meters. This plant is considered a kind of lucky charm in China, where it is given away to friends and acquaintances. Would you also like to have a real lucky charm in your home or perhaps give it away to friends? Despite its beautiful shape and easy care, the Pilea is rarely found on the market. Of course we have them for you in our shop.


Plants are something very special. They have a tremendous effect on you and can easily put a smile on your face. Many of them are very easy to care for, require little water and some even require no soil. So there are no excuses why you shouldn't buy plants. On the contrary, there are so many reasons to build your own little jungle.

At botanicly we try to bring plants into your everyday life because they make life so much more beautiful. Whether in the bathroom, in your kitchen or even in your office, we will help you to find the perfect plant for you and your environment. We want to inspire you more about plants and convince you how important they are in our everyday lives.


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