Von Kung Fu bis Bonsai – Zu Besuch bei Dominik-Botanicly

From Kung Fu to Bonsai - Visiting Dominik

In the east of Berlin, on the border to Friedrichshain, we are visiting Dominik in Lichtenberg. He lives here with lots of aloe vera offshoots, bamboo, a bonsai and his roommate.
Last year out of the Swiss mountains and into the urban jungle - Dominik has kept his closeness to nature even after moving to Berlin . He devotes two to four hours a day to traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, a form of Chinese martial arts, and to meditation. Training is often outside, in the green inner courtyard, regardless of the weather. This strengthens his connection to the environment and nature.

"I'm happy when I feel effective, when I do something meaningful and feel connected to other people." Dominik pursues this in his work at Soulbottles in addition to his hobby. The aim of the Berlin-based company is to sell long-lasting products through locality and quality that contribute to a conscious, happy life. The plants in his home also make Dominik happy: "They calm and I am happy whenever I she see. The air is just very different in a room with lots of plants. They're also damn good listeners." So it's no wonder that the kitchen is teeming with aloe vera plants and you can also discover a bonsai or bamboo.

A carnivorous plant has also lived under one roof with Dominik. The plant was a moving-in gift from a former roommate - "He said it couldn't be killed - it would survive anything. Two months later the good one left us. RIP Sicili..."
Plants and the connection to nature enrich Dominik not only in his passion in his free time, but also in everyday life in the shared apartment at home.

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