So wirken Pflanzen auf uns: 5 erstaunliche wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse-Botanicly

How Plants Affect Us: 5 Amazing Scientific Findings

The habitat of plants is a very valuable world for us. They affect our lives day and night! We can benefit from their positive effect in every area of ​​life. Because it has been scientifically proven that plants have different positive effects on us and our environment. And that's exactly what this article is about. Here you can find out how (house) plants affect you and we list 5 amazing scientific findings.

1. Plants purify the air around them

Many plants have the positive property of purifying the air in their environment. This means they can filter substances that are toxic to us. According to the GSF Research Center (Institute for Plant Pathology), filtering can take place in two ways: The plant can absorb toxins through its stomata in the leaves and through its roots.

The air-purifying effect can be particularly helpful in the bedroom or even if you are often indoors. Then you should definitely green your apartment with plants that have been proven to improve the indoor climate in your home.

Air quality in the rooms

As you have probably already noticed, the air quality in many rooms is not particularly good. According to the Health Center building materials, carpets, adhesives, home textiles, paints or even cleaning agents and insect sprays often make the air in the room worse. Cigarette smoke and mold spores can also pollute the air and you. This can make you feel tired, listless and unfocused. Which in turn leads to less work energy at workplaces. Additionally, if there are irritating chemicals in the air and you may be prone to allergies, the worst-case scenario is that you could experience problems like a rash, coughing, or nasal irritation. One more reason to make sure that the air quality in your own four walls is very good. And this is exactly where the plants come in handy, as they can increase the oxygen content in the air.

How do plants absorb the pollutants?

As already mentioned, there are two ways that plants can filter the pollutants in their environment. The first possibility is via the stomata on the underside of the leaf (stomata). There they can absorb carbon dioxide, particulate matter and pollutants. So they are filtered out of the air and can no longer harm you.

The second way is through the roots. This way of breaking down pollutants is much more effective. The small, fine hairy roots of the plants split the pollutants in the immediate vicinity. End products are building blocks such as glucose (sugar) or various amino acids that the plant itself can use as nutrients. In addition, the microorganisms that live in the substrate in symbiosis with your houseplant can break down pollutants. So perfect to use this pollutant degradation system for yourself!

2. Plants strengthen your health

Everyone knows that plants have a positive effect on our immune system. A walk in the fresh air between trees and bushes can work wonders. The plants transmit certain substances, which in turn are of use to us and our health. Indoor plants in your apartment also ensure that your body feels much better. A dry cough or a dry nose, for example, are much less common due to higher humidity. Certain plants even have healing effects, such as the Aloe Vera plant, which you can also buy from us in the Shop.

3.Plants promote your concentration

If the air quality at your workplace is right, it will of course improve your concentration, since you will feel less tired and listless. For this reason, it is particularly important to create a green working environment. Norwegian researchers have found in two studies that a lot of greenery in the workplace is good for your own health and also promotes productivity and concentration. The effect is easy to explain: A brief digression to the office plants takes your mind off things for a moment and then restores concentration. In addition, the plants at your workplace ensure an increased oxygen content in the air through their photosynthesis. The fresh air that you then breathe supplies your brain cells better and immediately strengthens your thinking skills. Especially in today's meritocracy, this can be useful.

luftreinigende Büropflanzen

Stress gone - productivity up

The green plants that you have at your workplace have a calming effect on you at the same time. They can help you not to give up immediately in stressful situations. The fresh oxygen in the air helps you to keep a clear head in such situations. Even if the color green makes you relax, it doesn't mean that you fall asleep at work. On the contrary, because the plants help you to keep your performance and concentration constant so that you don't get low.

4. Plants ensure your happiness

Certain (room) plants promote personal satisfaction and well-being. They can have a positive effect on your personality. The positive energies they radiate at home make you happier. This is particularly important in our society, which is increasingly characterized by mental illnesses such as depression. So let's give nature a chance to bring contentment and calm back into our lives.

You can already feel that in nature when you are surrounded by trees, grass and flowers. Most people feel more comfortable here than between gray house facades and bleakly furnished rooms. It's even been scientifically proven by Cardiff University that plants increase happiness. You can try it yourself by simply placing a palm tree or any other indoor plant next to your desk or in the living room. You'll quickly notice that the atmosphere is much more comfortable and you seem happier all around.

5. Plants strengthen your creativity

Since you are perhaps one of those who spend many hours at work during the day, it is of course all the nicer if you decorate this place with your own individual touch. Because a pleasant working environment not only promotes concentration and satisfaction, but also strengthens your creativity and leads to new ideas that may not have crossed your mind before. Perhaps you have already noticed that your flow of thoughts is often blocked and you run out of creative ideas. The first step here is to design your workplace or your home in such a way that you are at peace with your own creativity. Indoor plants help you to create the framework for this process.

In addition, studies show that the color green not only promotes relaxation, but also creativity. It is not without reason that companies are making their premises more and more green. Then why not use the natural greenery and bring evergreen houseplants to your workplace and home.

luftreinigende pflanzen

Take advantage of the positive effects of plants

It is now up to you to implement this and to conjure up a new benevolent atmosphere in your surroundings. Of course we are at your side with advice and action! With our personal plant consultant, you can easily find out which indoor plants will bring an individual touch to your home. You will definitely feel a positive change as soon as you start your urban jungle. Your visitors and you too will be enchanted by the appearance and will soon feel the positive effects. Find your new green friends nowhere!


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