So findest Du den richtigen Orchideen Standort-Botanicly

This is how you find the right orchid location

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Are you one of the lucky ones who have a orchid at home? But then it is also important to find the right orchid location. Because the place where your plant is in your apartment is the prerequisite for healthy growth. Only in this way can it fully unfold its energy and let your home shine with its magnificent flowers.

Why is location important?

For plants, the location can range from shady to semi-shady to sunny. Depending on which plant species it is, it places different conditions on its location. Some need more sunlight to photosynthesize, others less.

If your orchid is in an unsuitable location, it can quickly mean the end for it. So you're doing her and yourself a favor by finding the right place for your plant.

Orchid location properties

Your orchid location should have some characteristics. In order to be able to grow optimally, all orchid species need sunlight, so in nature they also grow on trees to be closer to the light. So it can stand on a window sill without any problems.

Tip 1: A bright location in a west or east-facing window is very suitable for your orchid. She gets enough light there, but isn't in direct sunlight.

Orchids also have certain requirements when it comes to temperature and humidity. Since her home is in tropical areas, she likes it very warm.

Tip 2: In general, most orchids tolerate temperatures of 25-30 °C. In this way, the orchid can also optimally develop its flowers. In winter, the temperatures can also be a bit cooler.

However, the temperature should not fall below 18 degrees Celsius. A humidity level of at least 50% is ideal for the orchid.

Caution: If you have the heating on in winter, the humidity drops. Therefore, it is best to always place a bowl full of water on the heater to increase the humidity in the room.

2 Orchideen in Pflanzenkübeln stehen auf einem Tisch

Image : Orchids

Your orchid in the bathroom

Your orchid will feel right at home in your damp, warm bathroom, as the indoor climate with its high humidity is similar to that of its tropical home. Even if it's tied to a branch and you hang it from the ceiling, for example, it doesn't bother it. Nevertheless, you should not neglect the regular immersion bath here either. Submerge the pot or roots in water once a week and drain off excess water if necessary.

Tip 3: If you put your orchid in a cooler place during the dormant period, its flowers will come back faster and stronger.

Your orchid in the bedroom

In addition to the bathroom, your bedroom can also serve as an orchid location. Here, too, the plants feel very comfortable. It has even been scientifically proven that they increase the humidity in the room, which leads to an improved indoor climate. They also radiate a feel-good atmosphere with their elegant flowers.

Warning: If you are a pollen allergy sufferer, then you should of course avoid any flowering or green indoor plants in your bedroom.

In our article "Plants for the bedroom" we show you other green beauties that are suitable for this room.

Orchidee steht auf einem Nachtschrank neben dem Bett

Image : Bedroom plant

Proper care for orchids

You now know where the right location for your orchid plant is, but if you have any further questions about caring for orchids, then feel free to read our other articles about this plant! Here you can find out more tips and tricks on what you need to consider when keeping this special plant. If you would like to have other suitable houseplants in your home, then please take a look at our site. We still have a lot to offer here!


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