Platzsparende Pflanzen-Ideen für ein kleines Zuhause-Botanicly

Space saving plant ideas for a small home

You don't have a big house with a garden, no terrace, a small balcony or no balcony at all? Would you like to live with plants, but don't really know how to accommodate them in your small apartment? There is space in the smallest hut - even in a big city you can create a small jungle!

Plants don't always have to be in large pots on the windowsill or on the floor. We have put together a few space-saving plant ideas for a small home that you can use to turn even the smallest apartment into a green paradise.

Space saving ideas for standing plants

Standing plants do not necessarily have to take up a lot of space in width. For example, you can use plants that tend to grow taller than wide. Use objects that have multiple tiers or shelves to place your plants. You can also put your plants together in one container, because not every plant necessarily has to have a single pot, which takes up space. A creative idea, for example, is a succulent collection - it beautifies your home and does not take up much space. Climbing plants, such as ivy, can also be used decoratively as privacy screens on the balcony.

Space saving ideas for hanging plants

You can attach free-hanging planters in your home above a dining table, among other things, and conjure up an eye-catcher. You can also use existing and often empty, unused corners with a hanging construction. You don't necessarily have to use traffic light plants - even a normal plant pot can be easily and decoratively integrated into a hanging construction. A branch or pole in front of a window can accommodate multiple plants side by side without them getting in your way. You can also use ropes or other materials of your choice. Even sustainable upcycling can be used here, for example if you create plant pots from cleaned coconut shells. Even if you want to place your plants in hanging constructions, you can choose variants with multiple tiers to save space.

Space-saving ideas for plants on the wall

Have you ever thought about hanging your plants on the wall? Often there is still room on living room walls to put your plant in the limelight. There are special wall fixtures (which you can also build yourself) which can be decorated with an abundance of plants. The ivy as a climbing plant can, for example, develop on a wall construction, the pattern of which you can determine yourself. You can also place old objects, such as a ladder, on the wall and use them to creatively attach your plants to them. Very narrow shelves for decorative purposes work well for a collection of small plants.


There are a large number of smaller plants that require less space than others, such as succulents. Choose plants that tend to grow taller than wide. Some plants grow quickly, forming offshoots or new roots. You can keep these plants small by regularly pruning and trimming your plants and eliminating offshoots. Why don't you try incorporating plants where you wouldn't normally expect them to be, e.g. B. under the sink in the bathroom if you have not placed a cupboard there. They can also hide unsightly pipes. Another possibility are plant terrariums, in which you can combine compatible plants.

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