Pflanzen für Badezimmer: 9 Ideen für Dein Bad-Botanicly

Plants for bathrooms: 9 ideas for your bathroom

Who doesn't dream of a refreshing shower in the rainforest while the plants grow from the ceiling. Do you also want to set up a small urban jungle in the bathroom? Then here are a few tips on which plants are best suited for your bathroom and what you should pay particular attention to with them.

Why do some plants like (not) bathrooms?

Temperature and humidity are usually higher in the bathroom than in other rooms. Many of our houseplants come from tropical and subtropical climates, so they are used to the conditions in your bathroom. Plants from arid areas such as deserts are less suitable for your bathroom.

The humid air in the bathroom provides the plants with ideal moisture, so you only have to water them once a week. The rule of thumb for watering is: When the top layer of substrate has dried, it must be watered.


3 plants for your bathroom with very little light

No plant can survive completely without light. If you don't have a window in your bathroom, it could be difficult. Would you still like to have plants in your bathroom even though there is no daylight available? Then simply get a plant lamp.

Feather of Fortune

The lucky feather or also called zamie is an evergreen plant. She likes it in partial shade. The darker the lucky feather is, the greener its leaves become. She also prefers it a little warmer than cool, so she can easily stand with you in the bathroom. Water your lucky feather moderately, it doesn't tolerate waterlogging.


The single leaf or spathiphyllum originally comes from Colombia, where it grows in the shade of large trees. It does not tolerate direct sunlight, especially during flowering, as this can damage the leaf edges. The single leaf grows particularly well in humid rooms, e.g. your bathroom. The substrate must always be moist and the roots must never dry out completely.

Sword Fern

Sword ferns prefer light to semi-shady locations. They do not like direct sunlight and need high humidity. Therefore, a place in your bathroom is best suited. The roots must not dry out completely, but they also do not tolerate waterlogging.


3 plants for your bathroom with lots of light

Are you one of the lucky ones with a window in the bathroom and lots of sunlight too? Then we have 3 plants for you here that can easily stand or hang in your bathroom.


Orchids are beautiful plants for your bathroom. They have magnificent flowers and love bright locations, preferably with direct sunlight. Orchids don't like waterlogging, so don't water them too often. Most of the time, the high humidity after a shower is enough for them. This allows you to hang them from the ceiling very decoratively without a substrate. If you want to learn more about orchids, have a look here.


The tillandsias are an unusual and very decorative plant for your bathroom. They don't need a substrate, they just need something to hold on to. Pieces of wood, low-lime stones, shells or a simple wire are suitable for this. Tillandsias need high humidity and lots of sunlight. You can easily spray them with lime-free water or place them near your shower. You want to learn more about plants without soil? Then take a look at this article.

Aloe Vera

If you want your bathroom to be like a real wellness oasis, then the aloe vera plant is just right for you. They are not only a natural remedy, they also give your bathroom a pleasant atmosphere. Aloe vera plants do not tolerate waterlogging and need a lot of direct sunlight. If you are interested in aloe vera then have a look at this article.


3 particularly easy-care plants for the bathroom

Of course we have more plants ready for you. You can also put these in your bathroom, except that they are particularly easy to care for.

pea plant

The pea plant, string of pearls or also called ragwort, likes to be in a sunny to semi-shady position. The pea plant does not tolerate waterlogging, so water it thoroughly in summer and little by little in winter. It is best to repot them once a year, commercially available cactus soil is particularly suitable for this.

Caution: The pea plant is poisonous, so keep it out of the reach of children and animals.


Cobbler Palm

The shoemaker's palm prefers a light to half-shady location. However, you can also put her in a fairly dark bathroom, but she will grow slower and sturdier there. An exception is the "Variegata" variety, which needs a light location, otherwise it will lose its markings. You should water them penetratingly at greater intervals without stagnating.


Efeutute is one of the most popular indoor plants. It is extremely easy to care for and tolerates both dark and light locations. The ivy is a particularly pretty climbing plant and can twine through your entire bathroom. Don't be surprised, in dark places in the room the leaves lose their original drawing and turn dark green. Water the ivy moderately, it does not tolerate waterlogging.


In order to put plants in your bathroom, you don't really have to pay much attention to them. The most important thing is the light supply. Some require direct sunlight, while others only tolerate partially shaded locations. Due to the high humidity in your bathroom, your plants need to be watered less. Most plants do not tolerate waterlogging.

Are you still looking for your perfect plant for the bathroom? Then have a look at our Shop.


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