Orchideen umtopfen: Warum? Wann? Wie?-Botanicly

Repotting orchids: why? When? As?

You already have a beautiful orchid with a unique flower at home? Now is it time to plant the plant in a new pot with fresh soil? No problem: With our tips and tricks in this article, we will show you how you can repot your orchids - without doing anything wrong.

Why do you have to repot your orchids?

Like any (indoor) plant, orchids also need to be repotted regularly. Since at some point the soil will no longer have enough nutrients to support the plant, it is important that you do not neglect repotting the orchids either. Repotting at regular intervals ensures that your plant can enjoy healthy growth and, during the flowering period, can develop the beautiful colored flowers that make the orchid so special.

How often and when do you have to repot your orchid?

Normally you should repot the orchid every two to three years. Then at the latest she needs new substrate for her growth. You can often tell by the fact that the large roots simply take up too much space and the plant easily lifts out of its pot as a result.

Caution: Do not repot during flowering. When the orchid blooms, it uses a lot of energy. The simultaneous repotting and rooting in the new substrate also costs them a lot of strength. This can cause your beloved plant to die. If you still want to repot them, then it is best to carefully cut off the flowers beforehand.

The best time of year to transplant into a new flowerpot with fresh soil is spring or autumn.

What soil do you have to use?

You need special orchid soil for your orchid. In nature, the plant usually grows on trees and is not used to ordinary garden soil. The special soil usually consists of coarse pieces of bark mulch or a peat-bark mulch mix. The coarse components ensure ideal water storage. It also makes the roots of the plant less constricted.

Tip: Do not reach for cheap soil, as pests such as sciarid gnats have often nested here and cause considerable damage to your orchid.

Which flower pots do you have to use for repotting?

If you want to repot your orchid, it is best to use a translucent pot. You can order the so-called Orchitop in the garden center or from various retailers online. Due to the open construction of the pot, enough sunlight reaches the roots, which in turn promotes healthy growth of the plant. The orchid will thank you with its lush green leaves and brightly colored flowers!


Small instructions: step by step

So that you do everything right when repotting orchids, we have a small step-by-step guide here:

  • If the big roots are already lifting the plant out of the pot, then it's high time to repot it.
  • First fill the new pot with some orchid soil.
  • Now carefully remove the orchid from its old pot and remove the remains of the old soil from the roots. If you want to be very thorough, you can also rinse the roots lightly with lukewarm water so that the very fine substrate is washed away.
  • If you see dried or damaged roots, cut them off with a sharp knife.
  • Now put the orchid in the new pot and keep filling it with the special soil. If possible, the root neck should be level with the rim of the pot.
  • You then wet the soil and leaves with a spray bottle. If the roots are properly anchored in the soil, the orchid will be quite happy with a weekly dip.

Proper care for orchids

You have now learned about the five most common problems with orchids. If you would like to have other suitable houseplants in your home, then please have a look at our page. We still have a lot to offer here!



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