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Watering orchids: You should definitely pay attention to this

This article is dedicated to watering orchids. Since the orchid is a special houseplant, we want to give it a whole article where we want to take a closer look at the topic of watering. So you should definitely pay attention to this when you water your orchids.

What water should you use?

When it's time to water your orchids again, it's best to use rainwater. Since many orchids grow on trees, this water is very suitable for watering. The rainwater contains less dissolved salts than our conventional tap water. Therefore, the often calcareous tap water is not suitable for watering orchids. Watering is not only important for orchids, but of course also for other indoor plants. You can find out more about this in the article "Water houseplants correctly".

You don't have any rainwater: what then?

Maybe it hasn't rained that much lately or you just forgot to catch the water? No reason to worry! Here we show you simple tricks on how you can avoid the problem and take care of your orchids adequately.

Tip 1 - Boiled tap water: If you boil the tap water in a saucepan or kettle, the limescale will simply settle at the bottom. However, before you use the boiled tap water for your orchids, you should let it cool down to room temperature.

Tip 2 – water filter: You can also use a water filter to decalcify the calcareous tap water. So you can also use it to water your orchids without any problems.

Tip 3 - Mix tap water with distilled water: As a third option, you can also use distilled water. However, since pure distilled water must not be used for watering, you have to mix it with tap water. The mixing ratio varies depending on whether your tap water is hard or medium-hard water. Mixing ratio = tap water : distilled water

  • hard water = 1 : 2
  • medium hard water = 2 : 1


Water or dip orchids?

Diving as a casting method corresponds more to natural conditions than ordinary casting. Orchids are mainly found in the rain forests of our planet. Sudden and heavy rainfall is very common there. So if you put your orchid in a container full of water, the roots will start absorbing water immediately. After about half an hour they have soaked up water and you can take the pot out again. Now the roots are lush green and no longer white. It is particularly important that you let the water in the orchid pot drain completely so that there is no waterlogging.

How often do you have to water your orchids?

How often you have to water your orchids depends on the species. But as a general rule, during the summer, you should water them twice a week using the immersion method. In winter it is sufficient if you supply them with water again after one or two weeks. In any case, the surface should be dry before the next dive.


When should you water your orchids?

Your plant likes to be supplied with lime-free water in the morning. This way it has water available throughout the day and can dry out slightly by the evening.

Proper care for orchids

Now you know how to water your orchids properly so that they appear in their full splendor. If you have any further questions about orchids, please read our article on Orchid care through. Here you can find out more tips and tricks on everything you need to consider when keeping this special plant.


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