Mit Pflanzen wachsen-Botanicly

Grow with plants

Plants beautify your home and make it livelier. At the same time, your plants can also offer you something on a completely different level: You learn with them and develop further:

You learn to be patient. Plants take a long time to grow. An orchid needs half a year to develop a completely new stem and then another three months for flowering. Germinating an avocado seed can take up to two months. It will take another six to ten years and a lot of warmth before you can harvest your own avocados.


You become more alert. Over time, you'll get a sense of when your plant needs water and how much. You will learn how to take care of it and give it a perfect location in your home. Plus, after a while, you'll know what she doesn't like so much. A spider plant, for example, reacts very sensitively to unintentional stripping of the leaves and needs its own personal space to feel good!

You take responsibility. Because the plant is dependent on you - its plant life is more or less in your hands. So, are you ready to evolve with her?


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