Mangold: Gesundes Gemüse für den Balkon-Botanicly

Chard: Healthy vegetables for the balcony

Chard is a great vegetable - you can easily grow it at home and it's super healthy. In the kitchen, the vegetable can be used in a similar way to spinach.

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Actually a turnip

From a botanical point of view, chard belongs to the beets and is related to sugar beet and beetroot. In contrast to these two relatives, however, it is not the root that is eaten, but the stems and leaves. There are two different types of cultivation: Swiss chard and leaf chard. Swiss chard is characterized by the strongly protruding white or reddish midribs of the leaves. With leaf chard, the midribs of the leaves are not as pronounced and the leaves grow back after the cut.

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Strong Bones + Calm

Chard is very rich in vitamins. Especially vitamin K, which is important for bone formation. It also contains vitamins A and E as well as sodium, magnesium, iron and potassium. The leaves have a very high oxalic acid content, which should be taken into account by kidney patients. However, this value has no effect on healthy people.

In addition to the healthy ingredients, the vegetable is also known for its healing effects. Among other things, it is said to have a positive effect on nervousness and can help you to calm down.

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Plant at home

Even without a garden, you can plant chard at home, because the vegetables don't take up much space. The location should be warm and sunny. If it's still too cool outside, you can plant chard indoors on the window sill. In terms of maintenance, it is very easy to care for. Nevertheless, it is important to water the vegetables well, otherwise the leaves can become tough. After the first harvest leaves and stems grow back and can then be harvested about every 8 weeks.

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