Immergrüne Zimmerpflanzen: 3 Trendpflanzen für Deine Wohnung-Botanicly

Evergreen houseplants: 3 trendy plants for your home

A large part of your plants in the apartment are evergreen houseplants. You know from experience that even in winter they don't lose their leaves. But why is that and which houseplants are actually evergreen? We each have 3 trend plants for your home that will make you happy all year round.

What are evergreen houseplants?

Evergreen houseplants have green leaves all year round. They replace their leaves bit by bit throughout the year as the leaves age and fall off.

Why are there evergreen houseplants?

In warm tropical regions, most rainforest plants are evergreen. In our latitudes, plants usually shed their leaves in winter to withstand the cold. This shedding costs the plant a lot of nutrients. However, evergreen houseplants do not have to do this. Since they are in your apartment in winter, they have enough heat and therefore do not have to shed their leaves.


3 evergreen houseplants to hang

If you don't have any more space on your shelf or on the floor, simply hang a few decorative plants from the ceiling. Here we have 3 great plants for you that will brighten up your apartment.


Efeutute is native to many tropical regions. Their shoots can grow up to 3 meters long. It prefers a light to semi-shady location and should be watered moderately. You can fertilize them every 2-3 weeks from March to October.

Tip: If the ivy is too dark, the leaves will lose their color. As soon as the plant gets more light again, leaves with different patterns grow back.

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Chandelier Flower

The most well-known species of the genus candlestick flower is Ceropegia woodii. It comes from South Africa and gets its name from its bizarre-looking flower, which is reminiscent of a lantern. The individual shoots can be several meters long. The heart-shaped leaves are dark green on top with white spots. The candlestick flower prefers a bright location with little direct sun. You should water them moderately and avoid waterlogging at all costs.


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The shamflower is one of over a hundred species of the genus Aeschynanthus and originally comes from Asia and Oceania. The stalks of the shamflower can grow up to 150cm long. The shape of the leaves varies from variety to variety, some are rounded and others are more linear in shape.

The flowers, which bloom between June and October, grow at the ends of the stems. The color of the flowers ranges from a strong orange to purple calyxes, which is why it is also called the lipstick plant. The shamflower prefers a bright location without direct sunlight. It does not tolerate calcareous and cold water and should be fertilized every 2 weeks from April to October.

Tip: During the flowering period, the shamflower should not change its location, otherwise it will drop flowers and buds.

3 evergreen houseplants with large leaves

You have a lot of space and want to give your apartment a green touch? Then we have 3 pretty plants for you with big leaves.


The Monstera, also known as window leaf, comes from the forests of Central and South America.The most popular among the 20-50 different species is the Monstera deliciosa The special thing about this evergreen houseplant is its monstrously large leaves. The Monstera needs a lot of space and should be planted in a larger container immediately after purchase. This evergreen houseplant prefers a bright and warm but not full sun location. Fertilize the Monstera every 14 days from April to August.

Tip: Occasionally wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to prevent dust from settling. With a lot of dust on the leaves, the plant can't do enough photosynthesis.


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This evergreen houseplant is popular for its decorative foliage. It comes from the rainforests of South and Central America. The Dieffenbachia prefers a light to partially shaded location without drafts. A place by the south window would be the wrong choice for her, as she cannot tolerate direct sunlight. This evergreen houseplant tolerates neither drought nor waterlogging. Moderate watering is ideal so that the potting soil does not dry out completely.

Elephant Ear

The elephant ear or Alocasia macrorrhizos grows in tropical areas of Asia. This evergreen houseplant got its name from its gigantic leaves, which resemble an elephant's ear. The elephant ear prefers a semi-shady to shady location. Due to the large leaves, the plant needs a lot of water, it should be kept moist all year round. However, it does not tolerate waterlogging.

3 evergreen house plants for shady places

If you want evergreen houseplants that can do without much light, here are 3 perfect ideas for you.

slanted sheet

This evergreen houseplant, also known as begonia albopicta, is originally from Brazil. It has beautiful white/pink flowers and its leaves have an interesting white dotted pattern. These subshrubs need a partially shaded location. She prefers it a little damper, but waterlogging is not tolerated.

Immergrüne Zimmerpflanzen

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The single leaf is native to the tropics of South America. It is a very easy to care for and decorative evergreen houseplant. The single leaf or also called Spathiphyllum likes to be in a semi-shady to shady place in your home. The plant should always be kept slightly moist. She also likes high humidity, so spray her with a little lime-free water every now and then.

The single sheet is characterized by a magical white flower. Due to these flowers, it always needs sufficient nutrients, so fertilize it once a week and in winter every 14 days.

Basket marante

The basket marante comes from the rain forests of South America. This evergreen houseplant tends to be a bit more demanding than other plants. It is characterized by its velvety hairs on the underside of the leaves. It is particularly exciting that the basket marante folds up in the evening and in the morning its leaves align themselves towards the sun again.

The plant needs a high humidity of 70-80% and a light to partially shaded location without direct sunlight. You should water the evergreen houseplant evenly, but not too frequently. You shouldn't use hard tap water, rainwater would be best here.

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Evergreen houseplants are something very special.They green up your home all year round and make you happy even in the dreary winter months. Are you still looking for your perfect evergreen houseplant? Then have a look at our shop. Here you will find big and small beauties for your urban jungle.


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