Hydrokultur Pflanzen: 3 Gründe warum Hydrokulturen beliebt sind-Botanicly

Hydroponic Plants: 3 Reasons Why Hydroponic Plants Are Popular

Modern again today

In contrast to the past, today you no longer have to be satisfied with the Schefflera as hydroponics. One reason why hydroponic plants are back in fashion is the wide range of suitable plants and the easy care.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that orchids could also be used as hydroponic plants? Since expanded clay, in contrast to orchid soil, does not decompose over time, hydroponics save you from having to repot the plants for years, which is not very easy.

If you would like to learn more about orchid hydroponics, then take a look at our article Orchid care. Here you will find many exciting tips and tricks.


What is hydroponics?

Hydroculture actually means nothing more than "water cultivation". It turns out that plants can survive and grow without soil. The only problem with this: they need water, nutrients and air. The earth serves the plants more as a kind of foundation in which they cannot fall over.

But they can do that just as well in expanded clay balls. And that's what it's all about, plants grow in a special pot, but not with soil but with small stones (expanded clay).

What are these little pebbles (expanded clay)?

Blähton als Substrat für Hydrokulturen

Expanded clay (keramsite) is a very versatile material. To produce it, clay is burned in rotary kilns at around 1200°C, which is why the material is very hard. Expanded clay is chemically completely neutral and neither soluble nor rinsable with water.

But why is this expanded clay so suitable for hydroponics?

When the small beads are produced, gases are released inside, which do not destroy the surface, but rather form microscopically fine pores. The result: Stones with a solid but slightly permeable surface - an ideal water reservoir. During irrigation, these pores fill with water, which only escapes from the pores very slowly.

Expanded clay should be rinsed with water before first use. This will remove attached fines and soluble salts.

Why do some plants not like hydroponics?

You can plant any plant in hydroponics, but there are plants for which it is not optimal. Venus fly traps, for example, because they need an acidic pH value in the soil and a low-lime environment. This makes cultivation in expanded clay rather difficult, but not impossible.

Almost all plants are able to thrive with clay pebbles. The important thing is that you adjust the right size of the granules to the size of the plant. Expanded clay is very light without water. If the clay balls are too small, it can happen that the plant falls over in the pot.

So make sure you buy big balls for a big plant. However, the medium grain size is always best. The grains have a size of 4-10mm.

From soil to hydroponics

If you want to plant hydroponics yourself, that's no problem at all. The only important thing is the right pot for your hydroponic culture. You can get these special hydroponic pots at any garden center.

Step 1: It is best to do this in spring. Carefully remove your plant from the pot and wash the remaining soil from the plant's roots.

Step 2: Now place your plant with its bare roots in the special inner pot.

Step 3:Put in the water gauge and fill the pot with clay pebbles.

Step 4: Now carefully tap the bottom of the pot onto the tabletop so that the expanded clay is distributed between the roots and they get a good hold.

Step 5: Finally, place your finished inner pot in the waterproof planter and voila, your hydroponic culture is done

Hydrokulturen Zuhause pflanzen

Houseplants Hydroponics

Even cacti thrive without soil, just the right amount of water is critical to success. In summer you should not fill the water level with them higher than "optimum", let it drop to "minimum" and wait 3-5 days before you water again.

Tip: For cacti, it is best to use expanded clay with the largest grain size, so they are not too damp.

Hydrokultur Pflanzen

You should consider this when watering - hydroponic water level indicator

Your hydroponic plants will need a few weeks to grow after switching from soil to expanded clay. The water level indicator shows the amount of water in the pot. In the growth phase you should only water when the level is below the minimum.

Only in exceptional situations can the display be set to maximum, otherwise the roots will get too little oxygen and start to grow mold. Otherwise you let the display oscillate around the minimum mark, absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Fertilize hydroponics

There is a special hydroponic fertilizer for hydroponic plants, which is dosed lower than normal flower fertilizer. Quarterly fertilizing is usually sufficient. You can buy hydroponic fertilizer in any garden center or online.

Hydrokultur Pflanzen

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