Feigenbaum vermehren: So klappt es endlich mit dem Nachwuchs-Botanicly

Multiply fig tree: This is how it finally works with the offspring

Fig trees are popular all over the world and should not be missing in any household. The most well-known houseplant among the fig trees is the violin fig. It has beautiful large leaves and with the right care it can grow to an impressive size. Unfortunately, they sometimes lose their large leaves and look a bit bare all alone in the big pot. Would you like your violin fig to look a little bushier? Then plant several young plants in a pot, you can easily propagate them from your old fig tree. And that's how it finally works!

When can you multiply the fig tree?

In the spring, your violin fig awakens from hibernation and the growth period begins. The plant is very robust at this time and the young plants have enough time to develop. So the perfect time to take care of the offspring of your fig.

Step 1: Preparation

The Fig Tree

In order to propagate your fig tree, the plant should be healthy. If your fig is not doing well, removing some of its shoots or leaves to propagate may harm it. If you choose to propagate through leaf cuttings, these should also look healthy. Do not use dry or brown-stained leaves, otherwise your offspring may be just as sick or the propagation may not work at all.

The real earth

You need special potting soil to propagate the fig tree. This is very loose and the roots can grow faster and easier. The potting soil usually also contains the perfect amount of fertilizer for the first few days.

A suitable pot

For starters, it doesn't matter if you chose a pot that is too small. After your cutting has rooted, you can place it in the pot with another fiddle fig or use a separate one. If you want to learn more about repotting, then have a look at the article Fig Tree Care.


Cut or grow from seed?

Propagating a fig tree from cuttings is very uncomplicated and requires no specialist knowledge. Of course, you can also grow your fiddlestick fig from seeds. However, you rarely get these in specialist shops. The sowing itself is uncomplicated, you just have to provide sufficient light and warmth.

Step 2: Cut the cuttings

Take the most beautiful shoot of your violin fig and cut it off to a length of 15 cm. But be careful: lignified shoots are not suitable for propagation. Now you can put your cuttings in a glass of water for several days and place them in a bright place, or you can plant your cuttings directly in your pot.

If you place your cuttings directly in the water, you can be sure that roots have formed before planting.

Step 3: Planting

Once roots have formed, you can now put your cuttings in the prepared pot with potting soil. If you put cling film over your pot, the humidity in the pot will remain relatively high. You just have to air your cling film regularly, otherwise mold can form.

Step 4: location and care for your cuttings

Now put your pot in a bright and warm place with temperatures of 25-30°C. Otherwise, vigorous watering is important after the fig tree propagates, but make sure that the water can run off.


Of course we also have a beautiful fig tree in our shop, feel free to take a look. Feel free to read other articles on the subject of fig tree care and also about hibernating fig trees.

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