Feigenbaum überwintern: 5 wichtige Tipps für gesunden Winterschlaf-Botanicly

Overwintering fig trees: 5 important tips for healthy hibernation

The violin fig is becoming more and more popular in German living rooms. Its large leaves give your home that certain something. Since this wonderful houseplant comes from the rain forests of West Africa, it doesn't easily endure the winter here. Are you also one of the lucky violin fig owners? Then this article is just right for you! We will show you what important things you should pay attention to when wintering the fig tree.

When do fig trees start hibernating

As soon as it gets cooler, you should overwinter your fig tree. If your figs are outside, it is important to bring them in at the end of summer/beginning of autumn at the latest. Your little tree cannot tolerate temperatures below 15°C.

Where can you winter your fig tree

Finding a suitable place to overwinter the fig tree is very easy. The perfect place should definitely be just a little cooler. 15-20°C would be optimal here, but the temperatures should not be lower.

When hibernating the fig tree, make sure that it does not stand directly in the draft and that the root area does not get too much cold either. Your fig tree absolutely cannot tolerate drafts and cold feet.

The fiddlehead fig is very sensitive to cold, even the mere laying of the leaves on the cold window can mean stress for them. However, your fig still needs light during the winter months and is happy about a bright spot.

Tip: Your fig can also freeze from below on the windowsill. Place them on a styrofoam sheet or piece of carpet.


Watering in winter

During the winter months you have to water the violin fig very little and, in the best case, not be fertilized at all. Since the heating air is very dry during the winter, it is best to ensure a high level of humidity.

Tip: Place a few bowls of water in your home to prevent dry air and ensure sufficient humidity.

Further care in winter

Not only the location and watering is important for the fig tree overwintering. Their leaves also need some attention.

A bit of cleaning is good for her

Wintering the fig tree is not difficult at all. However, in order to reach your little tree under the branches, you can regularly wipe it with a damp cloth. The leaves of the fig often look dull and dust often collects on them due to their size. If you remove the dust regularly, your little tree can do enough photosynthesis again and experience a healthy day.

Beware of vermin

During the winter months, it's important to make sure your fig tree is pest-free. Mealybugs and mealybugs are often seen on the fiddlehead fig during the winter months. If your fig is affected, you can see small white cotton ball-like webs on the leaves.

Infected plants should be isolated from other plants as soon as possible. Wash the leaves thoroughly and get a systemic remedy. These are the most potent and come in stick or granule form.

Of course, a good hibernation also includes optimal fig tree care beforehand. With all our articles you are on the safe side that your violin fig is not missing anything. Of course we also have the violin fig in our shop, feel free to take a look.

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