Feigenbaum düngen: 3 Tipps von unserer Expertin-Botanicly

Fertilize fig trees: 3 tips from our expert

Some information about the fig tree

The violin fig can reach a height of up to 150cm. The leaves are large and incredibly strong, the trunk and branches relatively thin. The special thing about the violin fig is its filtering effect. It can transform your stuffy indoor air into fresh, oxygen-rich air. It also spreads a Mediterranean flair everywhere.

However, the fiddler fig only owes this great ability and its magnificent appearance to nutrients, water and enough light. In this article you will learn everything from our expert you need to know about fertilizing fig trees.

Tip 1: When should you fertilize your fig tree?

Between March and October you should >feed your fiddlehead fig with fertilizer once a week. In winter, the fig tree is not fertilized at all or at most every 6 weeks.

Tip 2: The right fertilizer for fig trees

For some plants such as orchids or crops there are special fertilizers that should not be confused with conventional fertilizers. With the violin fig you do not have to buy any special suitable fertilizer. If you want to fertilize your fig tree, then normal liquid fertilizer or fertilizer sticks are sufficient. You can either order these online, but you can also get them in any standard hardware store.

Liquid Fertilizer

For violin figs, green plant fertilizer or flower fertilizer in liquid form is ideal. Here you pour the amount of fertilizer, according to the package instructions, into your irrigation water. The advantage: The liquid fertilizer is distributed evenly over the roots and works faster than other preparations.

Fertilizer sticks

Fertilizer sticks are put into the ground, they have the same effect as liquid fertilizer. The disadvantage here: The sticks do not get into every corner of the pot like liquid fertilizer. The advantage: the fertilizer sticks release fertilizer little by little, so that you don't have to fertilize as often as with liquid fertilizer.

Tip 3: The most important nutrients

The well-known N-P-K formula indicates the most important plant nutrients: nitrogen (nitrate), potassium and phosphorus are the basic nutrients that the fig tree needs. Nitrogen is crucial for plant growth, potassium for general plant health and phosphorus for flower and fruit formation.

Geigenfeige richtig gedüngt und gesund

Tip 4: Trace Elements

In addition to the basic nutrients mentioned above, a large number of other trace elements are crucial, including e.g. iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. You should make sure that the composition of your fertilizer products meets the requirements of your plants.

If you want to fertilize the fig tree, however, there are no special requirements for the trace elements. Therefore, the common composition of a complete fertilizer is appropriate.

Tip 3: You should pay attention to this when fertilizing the fig tree

After purchase, your fiddle fig does not need any additional fertilization for 1 year, because the soil is usually pre-fertilized.

If the plant is to be cultivated in a bucket, mix leaf soil, garden soil and organic fertilizer in a ratio of 4:3:3 for your violin fig.

The fiddlehead fig is perfect for hydroponics. However, you cannot use regular liquid fertilizer here. There are special fertilizers in tablet form for hydroponics, which you simply put in the hydro container. If you want to learn more about Hydroponics, then you are welcome to have a look at the article Hydroponic plants.

Geigenfeige gedüngt und gesund

Are you interested in the fig tree? Then you can buy it in our shop.Of course, not only fertilizing the fig tree is important. The article about overwintering your fig can be just as useful for you as the article about pruning your fig tree.

If you already have a fiddlehead fig in your apartment, you can try to multiply it. Propagating the fig tree is really easy and with our tips you will definitely succeed. In the article Care for fig trees you will find out everything again in detail, but still briefly and concisely summarized.


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