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Evrgreen offline - Off for the start-up

That was the Evrgreen.de page

"Plant yourself happy. Order plants from the comfort of your own home.” With these words, the founders, Jan Nieling and Philip Ehlers, advertise their company EVRGREEN. Sell ​​houseplants in Hydroponics online including operating instructions. This is what the company stands for.

But nobody has been available since mid-October 2018. Evrgreen is now offline. So far you have searched in vain for an official statement, but we can say: the startup EVRGREEN no longer exists. First of all, we will introduce you to the company and where you might already know it from.

Zimmerpflanzen bei botanicly.de

Jan Nieling and Philip Ehlers both grew up on the outskirts of town and spent a lot of time in nature. After moving to the city, the two lacked greenery and felt the need to set up houseplants. Unfortunately, both of them were very busy and their houseplants were stunted.

Philip Ehlers woke up one morning in October 2012 and looked at his dried up Ikea palm tree. He called his friend Jan Nieling and explained his problem to him. Jan said he hadn't had any plants in his apartment for 3 years and that's when the two of them got the idea! In 2013 they founded an online shop with indoor plants including care tips.

Evrgreen.de was a start-up company that sold and marketed indoor plants online. They focused on plants that aren't even available at hardware stores.

You placed particular value on individual and unusual products. An all-round carefree package was also offered. This contained tips for care and watering by email, as well as customer service that gives the buyer the opportunity to get advice before, during and after the purchase.

The plants were sent directly from nurseries or nurseries. This means that the plants were of high quality and were professionally cared for up until they were shipped.

At Evrgreen, each plant had its own name and a little story about them so customers have a connection to the plant. More than 1200 products were available in the online shop and many of them were developed with designers from Berlin. But now www evrgreen de is offline.

Famous from "The Lion's Den"

In 2016, Jan and Philip visited the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" Season 3 and presented their company EVRGREEN. This TV show is mostly about "Start Ups" looking for investors for their company. So you present your company to a jury of investors and one of these jury members can decide in favor of the investment or not.

Unfortunately, Jan and Philip could not convince anyone for their company in the episode of "Die Höhle der Löwen". Why could that have been? Jury member Frank Thelen said the company and products could easily be copied.

Carsten Maschmeyer was of the opinion that there was a lack of passion for plants and also the competence in plants. He thought even his gardening intern would have a better idea.

After their performance, Jan and Philip said that they had been dealing with plants for years and didn't need to be gardeners to do that. The two have worked together with many cooperation partners who have also helped them with expert knowledge.

Now Evrgreen is offline and there is still no official statement from the founders Jan and Philip.

So sieht ein gesunder Kaktus aus

Here you can get your plants

We at botanicly have made it our mission to sweeten your life with green and occasionally blooming beauties. Our passion is the world of plants.And that's exactly what we want to make your future passion! Plants not only look beautiful and serve as decoration, they have many more positive properties

Botanicly does it

Botanicly is not just a plant consultant, we have beautiful plants in our online shop that enrich you and turn your home into an urban jungle. Through our blog you will always get new care tips for watering, repotting, wintering and other interesting topics. And all for free!

If you are unsure which houseplant suits you and your home best, you can test yourself free of charge with the "Plant Match". Simply answer a few questions and you will be suggested the plant that suits you depending on the brightness and requirements. Once you have decided on a plant, your plant will be packed with love and will arrive safely with you.

But we don't just offer plants for the home. If you want plants for your company, you've come to the right place. During a short visit to your office, we measure various botanical parameters and record your requirements.

You don't have to worry about anything. We offer a flexible and professional maintenance service including plant replacement.

Büropflanzen bei botanicly.de

Temporary ecosystems for enthusiastic learning

We recently started offering a concept that fits the school curriculum. With the urban gardening concept in mobile boxes, schoolchildren learn practically how to grow vegetables, internalize technical expertise and take on responsibility together. Pupils are guided to the different climate zones and regions of our planet, because each plant box houses a small botanical garden and offers insights into the vegetation of a different corner of the world.

So you don't have to be sad that Evrgreen is offline. We at botanicly make it greener and more beautiful for you, your home and your office. Let yourself be inspired in our Shop and get the right care tips from our blog.


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