Efeutute Pflege: Gießen, Düngen, Schneiden und Vermehren-Botanicly

Efeutute care: watering, fertilizing, cutting and propagating

The houseplant Ivy - a particularly robust plant

Have you been looking for a houseplant for a long time that is indestructible and also transforms your apartment into an urban jungle? Then we have the perfect plant for you. The ivy is a very undemanding and popular houseplant. If you forget her, she will forgive you without any problems. Efeutute care is not difficult at all, but we still have many useful tips for you here.

The Story of Efeutute

The Efeutute or Epipremnum aureum is a climbing plant that was originally only found on the island of Moorea. They are now found in many other tropical countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Australia and many more. This plant can grow to a height of 20 meters in the wild

The ivy is often used by aquarium owners to improve the water quality. The plant can be rooted directly in the aquarium. Ivy is incredibly adaptable, generally thriving in a wide range of temperatures and lighting conditions, but thrives best in tropical conditions. It therefore grows best when the humidity is high.

The different varieties

Eyes are perennial, evergreen plants that grow herbaceously. There are different types, we show you a small selection here:

Golden Ivy: This variety has apple-green leaves. These are heart-shaped with a beige or gold variegation.

Marble Queen: This is an almost indestructible strain and will even grow in a dark corner of your apartment. It bears leaves of light green and mottled white.

Wilcoxii: The yellow leaf pattern is particularly striking on this variety. She is slightly more sensitive to some site conditions.

Scindapsus pictus (spotted ivy): The heart-shaped leaves of the spotted ivy surprise with delicate green or silvery-white spots or stand out with silver marbling.

Die Efeutute ist eine sehr robuste Pflanze

The right place for your Efeutute

Since the ivy is used to a warm climate due to its origin, it should be kept warm at around 20°C all year round. In winter, the temperature should not drop below 16°C. It is best to place the ivy in a bright to semi-shady location. She does not like direct sunlight and abhors drafts. Varieties with dark leaves are suitable for shady places.

Tip: The darker the ivy is, the less conspicuous its leaf markings are.

Efeutute care: How it works!

The ivy is a very robust and indestructible houseplant. However, we still have some tips for you to make your ivy shine even more.

The right soil for your ivy

Normal potting soil or potting soil is sufficient for ivy. She has no great demands on her soil.

This is how you water your ivy

Even watering is optimal when caring for the ivy. However, if you have forgotten your Efetute, she will forgive you without any problems. In winter, this climbing houseplant needs even less water. However, the ivy does not tolerate waterlogging, so you should remove excess water after watering. If your ivy has already developed strong and deep roots, you can also water them directly over the saucer.

Efeutute care: how often you should fertilize

Efeutute is incredibly easy to care for and does not require fertilizer. For optimal ivy care, however, fertilization between March and April, every 1-2 weeks, is appropriate. During the winter months, however, it needs significantly fewer nutrients.Once a month is enough

Does the ivy have to be cut?

You can cut your Efeutute at any time and it doesn't have a negative effect on it. If you remove long shoots, the ivy will branch better and become bushier.

Die richtige Efeututen Pflege

Repotting your ivy

If the pot of your ivy is getting too small, you can repot your ivy. As a rule, repotting every 2 years is sufficient, but not always absolutely necessary.

Tip: When repotting, shake off the soil around the roots and cut back the root tips just a few millimeters. This stimulates root growth.

If you need to repot other houseplants in your home, then we have some useful tips for you on this topic.

Efeututen richtig umtopfen

Increase your ivy

Do you still have some space in your apartment or would you like to decorate some corners with the Efeutute? Since ivy care is so easy, you can grow several of these houseplants at the same time. You succeed in multiplying your ivy just as well as in caring for it.

Step 1: You can see many small roots in the ivy. Cut off a shoot that you particularly like. You should make sure that a few leaves remain on your cut shoot.

Step 2: Now place your shoot in a glass of water. As soon as light-colored roots have developed from the brown roots, you can plant the shoot in a pot with commercially available soil.

Is ivy poisonous?

The ivy contains toxins because it belongs to the aroid family. This houseplant is therefore poisonous to animals and humans. Therefore, place your Efeutute out of the reach of children and pets.

Tip: If you hang up your ivy, you can let its shoots climb along the wall, so neither children nor animals can get to it.

Do you have any other houseplants that you're not sure if they're poisonous? In this article we will show you which indoor plants are still poisonous.

Die Efeutute sollte außer Reichweite von Kindern platziert werden

The right room for your Efeutute

Your ivy can find a nice place in every room. Since it likes to be several meters long, you can let it climb through the whole room.

Tips for problems with your Efeutute

You may have noticed that some leaves are turning yellow. This can happen from time to time, you don't have to worry about it. However, if there are more yellow than green leaves, it is usually because your ivy is too dark. Move them to a brighter spot or let the plant's leaves grow in proper light.

Die robuste Pflanze Efeutute

You see, Efeutute care is very simple. Nothing can go wrong with our tips. It has neither great demands on light, nor on water or fertilizer. So it's the perfect houseplant for someone who travels a lot or doesn't have a green thumb. Of course you can also buy this wonderful houseplant in our shop.

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