Die besondere Wirkung von Pflanzen auf Menschen-Botanicly

The special effect of plants on people

The positive effect of plants.

Plants are not just green interior objects, their positive effect on us humans has now been confirmed by a large number of scientific studies. We have put together exactly these effects for you here.

1. Psychological effects of plants

For a long time, the effect of plants on our psyche was underestimated. According to new studies, plants have a positive effect on their environment. They have a relaxing and stimulating effect on us and make us more optimistic. Stress, anxiety and depression are reduced and your self-esteem and well-being increase.

1.1 They relieve stress

This is shown, among other things, by a study carried out in a Japanese company. There, a team of researchers placed pots of the popular dragon tree, aloe vera, and scalloped hemp in several office spaces. The study participants then carried out their tasks in this environment.

In order to have a direct comparison and to be able to better understand the positive effect of the plants, the researchers removed the potted plants for a few hours every day. In the vicinity of the green plants, the participants perceived the scope of their work as less large and confusing.

That's probably one reason the subjects felt less stress than usual once the greenery was around them, the researchers suggest. With the help of saliva samples, which they examined for stress hormones, they also confirmed that the stress level actually fell.

2. Cognitive Enhancement

You would have thought that? Plants increase your mental abilities. The exact cause is still unclear, but one thing is certain: your concentration and memory improve when you are in rooms with plants.

Your alertness and awareness increase, and a sense of peace and harmony floods the room. Plants help you to achieve your goals better and thus become more balanced in everyday life.

Pflanzen haben einen positiven Effekt aus uns Menschen

3. They increase your energy level

Plants need carbon dioxide for their metabolism. They take this from the air and use it to produce oxygen. Carbon dioxide in the air makes us sleepy and interferes with our ability to concentrate. So you can easily increase your daily energy level with the help of indoor plants.

3.1. They lower blood pressure

Indoor plants promote physiological processes and have a meditative-like effect on us humans - even if we are only near them for a few minutes.

This is shown by a study by Jie Yin and his American colleagues. The research found that five minutes was enough to lower the blood pressure of the test participants more than a five-minute quiet stay in a room without plants.

3.2 They keep us awake

The proportion of participants who felt very tired and sleepy in the mornings and afternoons decreased when houseplants were placed in the office. This could be due, among other things, to the biochemical effect of plants on our living space: Plants not only process parts of the carbon dioxide, i.e. prepare the used air we breathe, but they also have other properties that we hardly notice.

4. Air purification through plants - Co2 binding through plants

What many people don't know: indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Luckily, with air-purifying houseplants you can dramatically improve the air quality in your home! Plants are considered a natural air filter. Through biological processes, they filter chemicals from the air, absorbing dust particles and turning them into healthy oxygen to breathe.

Potted plants also influence the humidity in the room and filter pollutants from the air such as trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene. This not only explains why we are less tired or listless in green rooms, but also why we spend a lot of time there be able to concentrate better.

Scientists speak of the "attention restoration theory". Namely that our memory also benefits from the positive effect of indoor plants.

5. Beautify your home

Escape from everyday life by decorating your home with plants! Plants are one of the best design ideas to beautify rooms. With special plants you can effortlessly bring life to all the boring corners and areas of your home. Try it, just one plant can give a room a new character.

Have a look in our shop and discover a variety of different plants. Whether indoors or outdoors, small or large, non-toxic and edible or with air-purifying properties. You will definitely find what you are looking for with us, whether you have a green thumb or not.


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