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Plants are our passion | Botanically

We at botanicly have made it our mission to sweeten your life with green and occasionally blooming beauties. Our passion is the world of plants. And that's exactly what we want to make your future passion! Plants not only look beautiful and serve as decorative eye-catchers, they have many more positive properties.


Clean air

Yes, you read that correctly. Many indoor plants have the advantage that they can filter pollutants that are toxic to us with their leaves, stem or roots. Nature also has a health-promoting effect in your home. If that's not a plus, bring the appropriate houseplants into your apartment.

Feel good

So that you feel really comfortable in your own four walls, appropriate plants can of course help you. Either these plants attract you with their extravagant appearance or with their easy care. Certain plants are also said to radiate positive energy into the room and thereby drive away worries and fears.

It should be green

So why not have a bit of nature at home. Who wouldn't want to grow an urban jungle in their home? To see and feel how nature can breathe in your room is something very beautiful. And that's exactly what we want to do with you. In order to find exactly the plants that are tailored to you and your space, you shouldn't just buy random houseplants. Because wrong decisions often lead to the plant dying. That's exactly what you want to avoid. That's why we help you to make the right decision when choosing a plant. In the end, everyone is a winner: you, the plant and us!

The complexity of a plant

Each plant is unique, just like us, and it is therefore important to take the needs of each individual plant into account. This is a prerequisite for optimal development.

Light, water and soil: These are the three basics for most plants. But how much?

Some plants need more light, water and soil, while others need less. But you can remember one thing as an aid: Always look where the plant grows in nature. Is it more of a variety that grows tall and therefore maybe needs a bit more light or does it grow on tropical soils under palm trees for example and is not used to getting as much sunlight.


The correct casting behavior

Like light, many plants cannot do without water. This ensures healthy plant growth. However, it is important that your plant does not get too much, but also not too little water. Both can be harmful to her.

Plants and quadrupeds

Basically, your indoor plants get along with your pets. But there are always exceptions here. For example, certain houseplants have toxins in their leaves that can be unhealthy for animals if consumed in excess. That's why it's important to always inform yourself beforehand and then put the plant out of reach if necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

For many years we have been trying to artificially recreate the complexity of the human mind. The perceptions and actions of us humans should be taken over by machines, and if possible one to one. A "thinking machine" that depicts us.

Possibilities of artificial intelligence

Since artificial intelligence is mainly about human thinking, it is also an overlapping area of ​​neurology and psychology.But the question is, what advantages does artificial intelligence bring us? We find it in all areas of life, in modern everyday life with smartphones, but also in areas such as medicine. Artificial intelligence can actively improve our lives and bring about positive changes through automatic predictions, which we humans do not succeed in many situations.


Our botanicly blog

Not only with the help of our plant advisor you will find the optimal plant, also in our blog there are articles on the most diverse plants. If you have already found a suitable plant with our algorithm, then it is best to check whether there is also a detailed article about it. You can always do that when it comes to “proper care and co.” help. In our blog you will find not only individual plant articles but also other articles on the subject of (indoor) plants.

The color green worldwide

Now it's up to you to take matters into your own hands. But that shouldn't be a problem anymore. Simply let yourself be inspired on our site to find your own personal plant. Without time pressure and stress. Because that's exactly what we don't need! With every plant you bring into your home, you bring a little more green into our world. Sustainability at home but also around the world is very important to us. This is how our planet is becoming a greener place every day, where every single person and every plant feels good!


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