Aloe Vera vermehren: Einfache Anleitung-Botanicly

Multiplying aloe vera: simple instructions

You can't get enough of your beautiful aloe vera plant and would therefore like to have it in other rooms? Then it's time: Let's go, start your own little aloe vera family! So that you can do this in no time at all, we want to show you how you can multiply your aloe vera with two different methods.

Propagating aloe vera is very easy

Don't worry, it doesn't take much effort at all to multiply your Aloe Vera. We have prepared two variants and simple instructions for you. Which one you use to propagate your plant is entirely up to you. In both cases, however, it is guaranteed that you will soon be able to welcome an aloe vera family into your home.


Propagate aloe vera with leaf cuttings

Step 1: For the aloe vera propagation, you first have to carefully cut off a small side shoot from the plant. As soon as your plant is two or three years old, you can use it for propagation.

Step 2: You should let the fresh cut of the side shoot dry for a few days so that it is no longer damp.

Step 3: If the interface is now dry enough, it is ready for planting in a suitable pot with fresh soil so that it can develop fully. The cutting edge should preferably be about an inch below the ground.

Tip: Put a small plastic hood over the flower pot. This keeps the air nice and moist and warm. You can take them off for airing for a few minutes each day. When tiny offshoots begin to grow along the cut edge, you can remove the hood entirely, as it has served its purpose.

Propagate aloe vera with side cuttings

Step 1: Even small offshoots thrive on some mother plants, which you can use wonderfully for propagation. As soon as these mini aloe vera plants have grown to a height of three to four centimetres, you can carefully separate them. You can do this very well with the help of a sharp and disinfected knife.

Step 2: Now let the offshoot dry in the air for two to three days until it is no longer damp.

Step 3: When planting the side cuttings, it doesn't matter whether they already have roots or not. It is only important that you keep the previous planting depth as far as possible.

Tip: A bright, warm place, for example on a window sill, helps the still small plant to develop its roots and to grow in all its glory. In addition, aloe vera does not tolerate hard water. Therefore always water with rainwater or lime-free tap water.


More tips about aloe vera

If you want more information about your beloved aloe vera plant, that's no problem at all. We have several articles dealing with this special plant. Have a look at our blog!

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