Aloe Vera umtopfen: 5 einfache Schritte-Botanicly

Repotting aloe vera: 5 easy steps

A short history of the aloe vera plant

The real aloe (aloe vera) is also known as a medicinal plant and comes from the dry areas in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. This makes it particularly frugal in terms of water, nutrients and care. In Europe, the plant is kept as a container plant on balcony, terrace or on the window sill in the house.

Even beginners without green thumbs, this plant is wonderfully suitable. Plant her in a pot with highly-drained soil and she will thrive almost on her own. Despite their modest claims, repotting is necessary over time.

But when exactly is the right time and how often does the plant actually have to be repotted? This is exactly what we want to explain to you in more detail in our article with our step-by-step instructions.

When should you repot your aloe vera?

In principle, the Aloe Vera can be repotted at any time, except when it is in bloom. However, the best time to do this is after winter. If you repot them between May and June.

The sunlight and the fresh soil with its nutrients allows the aloe vera to grow magnificently again. So repotting is the best condition for healthy and vigorous plant growth.

Of course you can also repot your plant in autumn or winter, for example if you notice that the clay pot has cracked or the potting soil is exhausted. Then you shouldn't wait until spring, but take matters into your own hands immediately!

Die Aloe Vera umtopfen

Aloe Vera: when to repot?

Since aloe vera is one of the rather fast-growing plants, regular repotting is essential. If you transplant the plant to a new pot every two to three years, that should usually be enough.

Of course, if you notice that it wants to be repotted sooner, then please don't hesitate and plant it in a new container. If you find the topic "repotting aloe vera" or "repotting" generally exciting, then please read our article "Repotting indoor plants correctly".

5 steps to repot the aloe vera

If the time has come for your aloe vera to be repotted, then have a suitable pot and potting soil ready. So that repotting works effortlessly at home, we have a few tips that you should consider.

Step 1:

Before you repot your plant, leave it dry for a few days, so don't water it for a while. This allows the old soil and root ball to dry out, making it easier to loosen them from the bottom of the pot. Carefully grasp the plant at the base without crushing or breaking off the pressure-sensitive leaves.

Step 2:

Now carefully lift the aloe vera out of its old pot. But be careful: the aloe vera has small, light spikes. If you put on gardening gloves when repotting, the small, light spikes won't harm you.

Step 3:

Put your aloe vera in a larger container, which you have previously filled with a little sand and gravel.

Step 4:

Now you can fill the container with fresh new soil. Make sure the root ball is completely covered. The cavities are filled and the substrate is pressed firmly.

Finally, the repotted aloe vera is poured on. Be sure to water the soil at this point, not the entire plant. Make sure that no water collects between the leaves or in the rosette when watering, otherwise you risk rotting the heart of the plant.

Step 5:

After repotting, you should not put them in the sun for a few days.Fertilizing is also not necessary

Tip: If the long leaves of your aloe vera bend in one direction, you can support them with a wooden stick that you lightly stick into the ground.

Die Aloe Vera umtopfen

If you are even more interested in the topic of aloe vera, we have even more practical tips and tricks for caring for your aloe vera plant ready for you in our article "Caring for aloe vera made easy"!

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