Die 9 besten Pflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer-Botanicly

The 9 best plants for the bedroom

Top 3 air-purifying plants for your bedroom

Poor air in the bedroom? Insomnia? Even the super mattress that you recently bought doesn't help here? If the air quality in your bedroom is bad, then even the best bed won't help you get a good night's sleep again.

Plants produce oxygen. For this reason, you should pay close attention to which plants you put in your bedroom, because they help you with the process of photosynthesis to have a good balance between oxygen and CO₂ concentration in the air.

If you get the right plants for the bedroom, you can promote healthy sleep with balanced humidity, filtering of pollutants such as formaldehyde and release of oxygen! Here we show you which bedroom plants are best suited.


This enchanting beauty has a calming effect on your body and mind. Due to its air-purifying effect, this plant is sure to benefit your health. It has a reducing effect on worrying thoughts and thus promotes your sleep quality. The improved air in your bedroom also allows you to start your day with positive energy.

Persuasive with its beautiful white flowers and its great and unique scent, it exudes new life energy. The jasmine plant prefers a sunny and warm spot in your bedroom. So make sure that she always has enough light and that there is good ventilation in the room.

Luftreinigende Pflanze: Jasmin Pflanze

Aloe vera

One of the top air-improving plants - and therefore one of the most popular indoor plants for the bedroom - is the aloe vera plant. It is one of the few plants that also produce and release oxygen at night, thus promoting restful sleep.

Aloe vera also scores with its ease of care, as it does not require frequent watering. By absorbing toxins and radiation, this plant acts as a "living room cleaner" in your bedroom. Their leaves and roots can absorb the dirt in the environment and thus ensure clean air in the room. On the window sill and with enough direct sunlight, aloe vera is an indispensable plant in your bedroom!

Aloe Vera on botanicly.de

Luftreinigende Pflanze Aloe Vera


Like the jasmine plant and aloe vera, the single leaf is also one of those plants that filter harmful toxins such as benzene, trichlorethylene or formaldehyde from the air in your bedroom. The single leaf not only has a health-promoting effect, but can also increase the humidity in the room with its flowers.

The suppression of germs in the air, which can trigger allergic reactions, for example, is a positive effect here. The single leaf prefers a nice, shady spot in your bedroom. Then it can develop its wonderful effect best!

Flat on botanicly.de

Indoor plants for your cold bedroom

There are suitable indoor plants for each of your rooms. This also applies to your bedroom, which may be a bit cooler than the other rooms in your home.

These houseplants like it when their location doesn't get as much sunlight and the temperature is also lower. They are often green leafy beauties without flowers that prefer shady places. Here are our top 3 houseplants for a cool bedroom.


Efeutute is a climbing plant that in its natural environment climbs along trees or house walls. Its leaves, which it reproduces tendril-like, enable it to reach a height of several meters. But your bedroom is also a perfect location for the ivy, as it is also well suited as a hanging plant.

She is fairly uncomplicated as she requires little sunlight and can grow well in cool spaces. Efeutute does not tolerate dry heating air at all. If you always keep the soil of your plant slightly moist, then nothing speaks against bringing this beautiful green leaf into your home!

Luftreinigende Pflanze Efeutute

© By Jubair1985, CC BY-SA 4.0


The Sansevieria, also known as bow hemp, was forgotten for a long time, but now it is once again one of the most popular plants for the bedroom. Their long, narrow leaves give the room a pleasant atmosphere.

From about 15 degrees, the Sansevieria feels really comfortable and makes it a perfect decorative companion for cool rooms such as the bedroom. It's also fairly easy to care for as it only needs watering every 2-3 weeks. The soil in the flower pot is allowed to dry out, the plant won't take it amiss because it belongs to the water-storing plants (succulents).

Bug hemp on botanicly.de

Zimmerpflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer - Pflanzen für kältere Räumlichkeiten

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The Zamioculcas is also great for people without green thumbs. This plant is not easy to destroy. When conditions are optimal, it quickly grows into a giant. The decorative lucky feather doesn't like direct sunlight and also feels very comfortable in a cold bedroom.

Only condition: Not too much water! Otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will begin to rot. So be careful with the water.

Feather of Fortune on botanicly.de

Zimmerpflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer - Pflanzen für kältere Räumlichkeiten

Feng Shui: indoor plants

Even in ancient Southeast Asia, people knew that living in harmony can lead to a better quality of life. Feng Shui was and still is a part of everyday life there. It's about leading your life in harmony and harmony with yourself. The design of the living space also plays an important role here.

Indoor plants serve as an important source of positive energy. The spirituality that emanates from them helps to achieve a harmonious environment in your own home. Living with Feng Shui and arranging your houseplants according to this way of life will help you bring energies into your home for absolute rest and relaxation.

Your bedroom filled with Feng Shui energies

Above all, your bedroom should be in an environment of peace and harmony. It is your personal realm, a retreat for relaxation and rest. That's why you should place a lot of value on a positive flow of energy here.

In general, you can get plants for the bedroom, but you should also make the right choice here, because each plant has its own special effect on your well-being. We have put together a small selection of plants and their meaning for you here.

Schlafzimmer gefüllt mit Feng Shui Energien

Our top 5 feng shui plants for the bedroom

Aloe (Aloe vera): anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system, binds environmental toxins in the body

elephant foot (Beaucarnea recurvata): has a calming and positive effect on nervous people, releases powerful energies

Money tree(Crassula ovata): promoting good mood, supporting finances

Myrtle (Myrtus communis): promotes self-confidence, reduces anxiety

Lemon tree/orange tree (Citrus limon or Citrus microcarpa): helps with lack of concentration, promotes a good mood, reduces fear of failure


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