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7 of the most common care mistakes in indoor plants

Does it break your heart too, when your houseplant hangs its head? Firstly because you think it's your fault and secondly because you don't know what else you can do to help her. But that can change quickly.

Of course you are not alone with your problem. Many others often tell us about their herbal misadventures. You buy a plant because it looks pretty. Unfortunately, however, they mostly overlook the 1 × 1 of plant care. We at botanicly show you the most common care mistakes for indoor plants that other sufferers have told us about.

Houseplant care mistakes #1: Overwatering

The really most common care mistake with indoor plants is probably overwatering. Many think that all indoor plants need to be watered the same amount. However, that is not true. Succulents and cacti, for example, prefer dry soil. They can survive without water for months, although a weekly watering would kill them.

A rule says: The thicker the leaves, the less water they need. Ferns have small, thin leaves, so they dry faster than cacti. They can store a lot of water in their fleshy body to protect themselves from dryness.

We have 5 special houseplants here that hardly need water.

Pflegefehler bei Zimmerpflanzen

Houseplant care mistakes #2: Too much direct sunlight

Plants naturally need light, but some need less than others. Direct sunlight is very harmful to many indoor plants, except of course for cacti and some types of succulents. These have a higher tolerance to direct sunlight. Some types of indoor plants need a place directly on the south window, but others are satisfied with the small window in the bathroom. In nature, some plants grow in the shade of other plants and are therefore used to shady places.

Echeveria elegans is a succulent species that loves the sun.
You can learn all about them in this article.

Care mistakes with indoor plants #3: Care-intensive

"Indoor plants require far too much care". Not all! Some houseplants are even happy if you ignore them. A lot of them are really hard to kill and need very little attention. Cacti and succulents are the best examples of this, but they're not the only ones.

There are already many interesting technologies so that you don't forget to water, fertilize and other things. Some even do the watering for you. Others always give your plants the perfect light to grow. We looked at the latest technologies and found some exciting gadgets.

Houseplant care mistakes #4: Overconfidence

Some think they were born with a green thumb and others think they will be a plant killer for the rest of their lives. You thought wrong! You don't have to have a PhD in botany to have plants in your home. Even most professional gardeners kill plants. You're always learning, so don't be ashamed and cheer up.

Nobody has the knowledge about every plant, so we all have to learn from experiences and above all from others. We at botanicly are always learning new things and are happy to share them with you on this website. So please check back regularly, we always have new articles ready for you.

To learn the basics about houseplants again, have a look at the article "the little 1×1 of houseplants".

Houseplant care mistakes #5: no root control

Roots are the most important part of the plant, so you should always take care of them and keep them healthy. Many forget to check the roots regularly. Roots are even more important for orchids than for other plants. They are responsible for photosynthesis and therefore need a lot of light. However, they also draw nutrients and moisture from the air.

So if the roots of your orchid grow out of the pot, it's because they need more light, water or nutrients. Of course, they may also be happy and tirelessly growing, so you can plant them in a larger pot.

I keep my orchids in glass containers, so they get enough light and I can see if there is too much water in the pot. If you are interested in the orchid, then take a look at this article, you will find more useful information here.

Pflegefehler bei Zimmerpflanzen

Houseplant care mistakes #6: Change of location

Plants need some time to get used to their new location. So you shouldn't switch them back and forth too often. If your plant looks in great shape, the best thing you can do is just do nothing. Solar radiation and temperature are usually different in your home. Plants that prefer high humidity can be placed in your bathroom.

Here we have some plants that could be perfect for your bathroom.

Houseplant care mistakes #7: Ignorance

Cacti love dry soil, as do succulents. This is because they come from a very dry environment. So these desert dwellers are not used to a tropical climate. So they don't like high humidity or damp, humus-rich soil. So when buying, pay attention to the conditions the plant has and what you can offer it in your home.

Take the time to get to know your plants, find out about their site conditions and care. Everything you need to know about indoor plants can be found on our website. Here we have e.g. 10 insider tips for indoor plants that prefer shady places

Pflegefehler bei Zimmerpflanzen

That's it! Now you know which care mistakes are made most often with indoor plants. You are now ready for your plants and know what you need to pay special attention to. The most important thing is to inform yourself beforehand about the houseplant you want to buy.

If you haven't decided on a houseplant yet, then have a look at our shop. We have the right care instructions for every plant, so don't be shy. If you don't know exactly which plant suits you, you are welcome to test yourself at the plant match. Here you can easily find out which plant suits your apartment and also suits you.


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