10 luftreinigende Büropflanzen - Profitips für Pflanzen zum Durchatmen-Botanicly

10 air-purifying office plants - professional tips for plants to breathe deeply

Do you often get headaches, coughing or do you have burning eyes? Do you feel better once you get home? This could be mainly due to bad air at your work. Office buildings are mostly characterized by bare and drab rooms. Many workers and employers see plants as out of place. Not correct! Plants not only cause a demonstrably better mood, but also filter the air. With our professional tips, we explain what really causes bad air and introduce you to some air-purifying office plants to breathe deeply.

Why air-purifying office plants? - Sources of bad air in the office

Pressed wood products

Pressed wood products are made by taking offcuts of tree trunks and wood chips and gluing them together. You'll find them in paneling, chipboard, and insulation, all of which were very popular, especially in the '70s. The glue used to hold the wood chips in place contains formaldehyde. This can cause watery eyes, a dry throat, and difficulty breathing.


Many types of carpet contain toxic materials. The glue and dyes used in carpeting are harmful to health.

Air conditioners

If poorly maintained or installed cheaply, air conditioning systems can become real bacteria catapults. In rooms with air conditioning, the humidity is extremely low and can lead to hoarseness, burning eyes and coughing.

How do plants clean the air?

Plants are incredible organisms. They perceive so much more than we do and can even use special mechanisms to counteract poor indoor air quality.

Example 1: Bow hemp, lots of oxygen

The scalloped plant is one of the most popular houseplants out there. It is very adaptable and can stand in bright as well as partially shaded locations. The bow hemp also requires very little water and is therefore very easy to care for.

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Example 2: single leaf, pretty white flowers

The single leaf or spathiphyllum is a well-known and popular houseplant. It needs regular watering due to its large leaves and beautiful white flowers. It does not tolerate direct sun and likes to be in partial shade. Originally from the tropics of America, this air-purifying office plant improves the air around you all year round. You can find out more about fertilizing and repotting in the article Einblatt Pflege.

The Spathiphyllum can also be bought online here.

Example 3: Kentia Palm, a celebrity

The Kentia palm is particularly well-known from cinema films. There it is regularly used as a houseplant. It is particularly popular due to its air-purifying effect and attractive appearance. In a pot it grows to about 65 to 100cm tall. In the wild, it can grow to over 12 meters tall. A partially shaded spot and regular watering is absolutely sufficient for her. Of course you can read more about the Kentia palm, just have a look at the article on the subject The indoor palm.

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Example 4: Dieffenbachia, also tolerates shade

The shapely leaves of the Dieffenbachia contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and are marked with spots or lines. A little light and temperatures between 21 and 25 degrees are sufficient for this air-purifying office plant. Unfortunately, this houseplant is poisonous, but its large leaves make it an ideal air purifier.

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Example 5: Calathea, leaf movement at night

The calathea is particularly striking because of its unusual leaves. They have a soft, dark red underside and a pretty pattern on the upper side of the leaf. The special thing about this houseplant is the movement of the leaves in the evening. They fold the leaves up at night and down again during the day, towards the light. Regular watering is particularly important for the calathea. This air-purifying office plant can be in a light to partially shaded spot, but not in direct sun.

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Example 6: Drachenbaum, a universal filter

The dragon tree can clean your air of xylenes, tricholorethene, formaldehyde and benzene. You should also make sure that dogs and cats do not come into contact with this houseplant, as it is poisonous. This air-purifying office plant should be watered regularly and placed in a light spot.

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Example 7: Orchids, a flowering air freshener

The orchid, which is often found in the bedroom, can optimally filter your "bad air". In particular, it promotes the volatilization of formaldehyde, which is found in many furniture, computers and carpets. Orchids love the sun and can take a sip of water from time to time. These beauties can also be hung near the window without a substrate. They carry out photosynthesis with their roots and actually do not need any substrate, only regular spraying with water is then an advantage.

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Example 8: Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera prefers sunny locations. Since it is one of the succulent plants, it hardly needs water. In summer it is enough if the plant ball is only slightly damp. The aloe vera is not only an air-purifying office plant, but can also be harvested.

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Example 9: Flamingo flower, bright colors

This air-purifying office plant has no special requirements in terms of location. The soil should always be kept moist, both in summer and in winter. Fertilizing every two weeks should not be missing and you are welcome to spray them with low-lime water from time to time. The flamingo flower not only cleans the air from formaldehyde and xylene, but also from ammonia. The red, orange and white flowers are particularly appealing.

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Example 10: Philodendron, roots filter the air

The philodendron, also known as the tree friend, is one of the best-known air fresheners in German homes and offices. It not only enriches the air with oxygen, but is also considered a formaldehyde killer. The roots exposed to the air and the large parts of the plant have a filtering function. This air-purifying office plant is able to absorb large amounts of moisture and release it into the room in combination with oxygen. It is therefore also ideal for people with respiratory diseases, especially asthmatics. The philodendron should be watered regularly. They thrive very well in light to semi-shady locations.

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Plants can put you in a good mood and also clean your air. Maybe you should reconsider getting an air-purifying office plant.


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