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Why you shouldn't buy artificial plants

Houseplants have a really serious enemy. These are not pests like aphids or plant diseases like powdery mildew. There is something far worse, something that can affect the environment as well as our well-being. These are artificial plants. We give you simple reasons why you should not buy artificial plants.

A minor dust collector

Artificial plants are more than just green eye-catchers in your home. These duplicates of a plant are mostly common dust catchers. Unfortunately, they are still too often found in some offices and hotel lobbies because you don't need to take care of them. Artificial plants do not require light, water or soil. The reason for this is obvious, they are not alive.

Thousands of years ago, however, it was popular to make these artificial specimens and use them as decorations. Egyptians painted reed leaves on linen, Romans made leaves out of metal and the Chinese people folded flowers out of rice paper to artistically incorporate them into their hairstyles. However, all of these decorations were rather interpretations of nature, since real plants and flowers could not last.

Artificial plants are not only dust collectors, they sometimes look strange and very unnatural. If you want to buy plastic plants that are very similar to the natural ones, you have to invest a lot more.

artificial plants and the environment

The first artificial plants to be mass produced was the artificial nylon turf. This artificial turf was later developed further by the Monsanto company.

At a time when too many forests are being cut down and the climate is getting worse, we should do something for the environment. Plastic surrounds not only a lot of food, but also many other things, isn't it time to ban plastic plants from our lives? We need as many real plants as we can get to fight the plastic madness.

Artificial plants are cheap copies made from petroleum in China. These artificial plants have an unpleasant odor and take centuries to decompose by nature.

Once we buy artificial plants, we ignore the benefits that a real plant really has. They are the foundation of our ecosystem and produce the air we breathe, artificial plants do not have these properties.


The special thing about indoor plants

Indoor plants have an incredible number of advantages compared to artificial plants. They are living organisms that can grow and even reproduce.

Decorative houseplants

Some plants can decorate your room by climbing on shelves or simple ropes. Efeutute, for example, can creep through the whole room, it doesn't need a lot of light and multiplies incredibly quickly. We have a fascinating ivy for you in our shop, take a look.

Some plants can also grow very large and form a kind of privacy screen. They can enrich you with many other small plants because they can be easily propagated. The best example of this is the Monstera, it forms beautiful large leaves and is very easy to care for. You can order your own monstera in our shop here.

An air purifying effect

Another special effect of some houseplants is air purification.This effect is very important when working and sleeping, because fresh air helps you to concentrate better and be more motivated. Purified air also gives you a more restful sleep and you can start the day fresher. If you would like to learn more about air-purifying plants, then we have a suitable article for you.

Emotions of plants

Another reason to buy a houseplant is, they are alive and you can learn to take responsibility here. The good thing about plants is they don't feel pain. In return, they have their own love life and can remember and even adapt to the past.

Plants are really very special. Not everything is known about them yet, but we have summarized what is known so far in an article. Have a look at the article "Do plants have feelings?".


Why indoor plants make you happy

Our society is increasingly characterized by mental illnesses such as depression. However, you can easily increase your well-being with plants.

It has been scientifically proven that plants and trees can have a positive effect on our body and make us happy. Most people feel better between drab furnished rooms and gray house facades.


How plants affect your health

Plants not only ensure a nicer environment and make you happy, they can also "heal" you. Some Japanese scientists have proven that the forest reduces anxiety and anger, as well as reducing stress hormones in the body. This resulted in a trend called "Waldbaden" or "forest bathing". You can read a lot about it here and maybe try it yourself.

As undemanding as artificial plants

Many indoor plants require almost no attention. Some require little water, some no soil at all, and others little to no sunlight.

Tillandsia, for example, require no soil and hardly any water. They are only suitable for sunny locations. If you want to learn more about these plants of the air and save yourself the hassle of watering, then take a look at this article.

A houseplant that hardly needs any light is the single leaf. Of course, she needs indoor plant soil for this and should not dry out. If you are interested in this shade plant, you can find out more about it here.

The rubber tree is very similar to an artificial plant, it hardly needs water and should be in a bright location without direct sunlight. You can find more useful tips about the rubber tree here.


In summary, one can say: artificial plants do not offer you and your home the advantages of a real plant. Real plants make you happy and have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. They are cheaper than artificial plants and have an air-purifying effect.

Artificial plants do not need soil, water or light, but they are usually overpriced and hardly biodegradable. So it's your decision whether you want to do something good for yourself and the environment or whether you prefer to keep it simple.

If you decide for the enchanting effect of indoor plants, then we have many beautiful specimens for you here. Whether for dark room corners or directly on the window sill, everything is included. If you are unsure, then test yourself in the "Plant Match".Here you will find the plant that best suits you and your home


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