So oft solltest Du Deine Aloe Vera gießen-Botanicly

How often should you water your aloe vera

The versatile aloe vera plant

Your aloe vera plant is one of your great treasures at home? Your thick pointed leaves shine in a juicy dark green? Then your plant is probably fine. To keep it that way, she should also get the right care from you.

Of course, this also includes watering. How often and when exactly you have to water your aloe vera is something we want to clarify with you in our article.

How often water aloe vera?

If you are a hobby botanist and also have various plants in your garden, then you may know the rule that it is better not to water during the day, but rather in the morning or evening.

You can also apply this simple rule to your aloe vera plant. It is best if you provide them with low-lime water in the morning. This way the plant has enough water throughout the day and doesn't dry out.

Tip: In winter you hardly need to water the aloe vera, as very little water evaporates here due to the lack of sunlight.

Aloe Vera richtig gießen

How do I water aloe vera?

When watering the plant, you should pay attention to a few things in order to offer your plant optimal care and to protect it from diseases and death. So you have something of your Aloe Vera plant for a long time.

Please don't waterlog the pot!

With its thick leaves, the Aloe Vera belongs to the succulents, just like cacti plants. These can store the water in their leaves for a longer period of time and, unlike other plants, survive long periods of drought.

Avoid giving your aloe vera too much water, because aloe vera does not tolerate waterlogging in its saucer. So make sure to avoid waterlogging when watering. Always water when the soil feels dry and make sure excess water can drain away.

Tip: It is best to use a mixture of soil and sand for your plant. In this way, the excess water can always drain off easily.

Aloe Vera immer von unten gießen

Please always water from below!

It is important that you always pour the water directly onto the soil and not onto the leaves. Aloe vera plants don't like to feel any water on their pointed leaves at all. They like it dry.

If you provide a little water about twice a week, then she is completely satisfied and grows excellently in her pot at your home.

Special case: Young plants need more water!

In contrast to the mother plants, small young plants need more water because they are still in a considerable growth phase. Since they can't store enough water in them with their small leaves, you have to water them a little more often. It's also important that you don't put them in blazing sun right away. They take time to acclimate to sunlight and then become better at it.

Jungpflanzen brauchen mehr Wasser

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