Mit Pflanzen reden: Schall, Gold und Bienchen-Botanicly

Talking to plants: sound, gold and bees


We devote ourselves to a contemplative topic: communication and love - or talking to plants. Computers are rough creatures, if something doesn't work, no quiet pleading will help, no, scientists have proven it, yelling at them will help. Plants are more peaceful minds, they are receptive to softer sounds. In order to hit the right note, we have written a small tutorial for you here.

Music makes you beautiful

Science is certain: talking to plants can make the plant grow more beautifully. This is because plants seem to respond positively to sound.

sound and wine


In Tuscany, this was studied using classical music. Over a 10-year, 24-hour period of continuous music exposure of a vineyard, researchers found that exposed plants developed larger leaves and more aromatic fruit. Based on these findings, researchers assume that every plant cell has a membrane that is more sensitive than the human hearing organ.

Talking is golden

Even skeptics believe that talking to plants could show a positive development, but due to the fact that when people talk, they exhale carbon dioxide, which is good for plants. We therefore recommend playing music on plants and singing along at the same time.

Bees and flowers

Plant growth is now even stimulated by touch in professional horticulture. In addition to sound, plants also like touch. When you pet your plant, certain plant genes called touch genes are activated. This activation affects growth. Plants respond to pats by showing more balanced growth in height and width. In addition, they become more resistant to pests.

For more conscious love

BOTANICLY liebt dichHowever, plants don't like being touched accidentally all the time. This can happen if you have your plant in a passage and it gets brushed often. The plant reacts offended by this by developing brown leaves.

How do you solve relationship problems with your plant? Write us a comment and let's bring more love into this world together.

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