Kaffeesatz Dünger: Aus Abfall wird Dünger-Botanicly

Coffee grounds Fertilizer: Waste becomes fertilizer

If you always threw the coffee grounds in the trash after brewing coffee, then you wasted fertilizer for your plants. Coffee grounds fertilizer is a cheap and sustainable supplement and alternative.

Why is coffee grounds suitable as fertilizer?

The coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer as they contain important nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphate. These nutrients are not completely used up when the coffee is brewed. With the remaining nutrients, coffee grounds are not just a waste.

Potassium is important for your plant because this nutrient controls the water balance in the plant. In addition, sufficient potassium ensures that your plant is more resistant to frost and diseases. The reason for this is that a stable and healthy plant offers less surface for fungi and pathogens to attack. In addition, potassium creates a higher photosynthetic activity. Nitrogen is important for the growth of your plant as this nutrient has the highest yield response. The nutrient phosphate controls cell functions and ensures better root growth in your plant.

Make fertilizer out of coffee grounds - this is the best way to proceed:

It's very easy and quick if you want to use the used coffee grounds as fertilizer for your plant. After brewing coffee, spread the coffee grounds out on a plate or other surface. Let the coffee grounds dry well so that they don't get moldy later. It is best to store the dried mass in a freezer bag or a can.

There are now several ways you can use the coffee grounds fertilizer. Diluted with water, the coffee grounds are suitable for watering your plants. When using this method, make sure you only water the stem of the plant and not the leaves. If you have collected a bit more coffee grounds, you can also mix them into the potting soil and pot your plant in it. Each plant requires different amounts of nutrients, so start with a small amount of coffee grounds fertilizer and see how your plant responds.

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