Die Ufopflanze: Eine Seltenheit aus den Bergwäldern Chinas-Botanicly

The UFO plant: A rarity from the mountain forests of China

Characteristics of the UFO plant: play of colors and shapes

The Ufo plant (lat. pilea peperomioides) - also known as lucky thaler, navel plant or Chinese money tree - originally comes from the Cangshang mountains in Yunnan province in China. There it grows at altitudes of up to 3000m.

The UFO plant owes its name to its extraordinary appearance. Their growth height is not very remarkable at between 30 and 40 centimetres.

Her leaf decoration is all the more vivid! The leaves of the plant grow on thin petioles and have the shape of a flying object like from another galaxy. The thin stems make the leaves appear to float in space.

The older the plant gets, the more the stems can curve. These leaves, which look like flying saucers, make them unique among houseplants.

The leaves appear in a rich dark green and can reach a diameter of 15 cm. They are usually circular in shape and have a leathery sheen.

The ufo plant also has an air-purifying effect.

Die Blätter der Ufopflanze sehen wie Ufos aus


Unfortunately, the UFO plant only very rarely develops its flowers. It often only blooms if placed in a cool spot in winter. And then the white flowers are also very inconspicuous.

Despite its inconspicuousness, the flower of the UFO plant has a special feature. When the flowering period is over, the mature stamens explode. They hurl their pollen from themselves. This type of plant reproduction is called wind flowering, i.e. the pollen is spread with the help of the wind.

Caring for the UFO plants made easy

Watch out! We will now show you how to properly care for your new houseplant:

The right location

After you have bought the UFO plant, it is best to place it in a bright location or half-shady location. However, you should always make sure that the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight.

But if it is placed in a location that is too dark, the leaves will quickly lose their lush green color. You see, it is very important where exactly you place your UFO plant in your home. Temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees are ideal.

As already mentioned, it can also tolerate cooler temperatures of up to 5 degrees during its flowering period in winter. It owes this to its original area, the high mountains in China. Also ensure a balanced, fresh room climate.

The right potting soil

Buying a UFO plant also means using the right potting soil. It should be conventional potting soil rich in hummus. This also makes it well permeable to air and water.

Tip: If you also dig sand into the soil, then your ufo plant will like it too.

Water and fertilize regularly

Keep it nice and moist, that's the rule you should follow when watering. Make sure that the root ball of the plant never completely dries out. Nevertheless, the water should never be at the bottom of the pot, otherwise the roots of the plant will start to rot and your just bought UFO plant will die.

In winter you can water a little less, your ufo plant won't need as much water.

Tip: Never pour the water directly over the leaves, always pour it directly onto the ground.

Buying a UFO plant also means fertilizing it regularly, i.e. about every two weeks. You can use normal green plant fertilizer for this.

In winter you only need to fertilize them every 4-5 weeks.

Proper repotting and pruning

The younger your UFO plant is that you brought home with you, the more often you have to repot it, as it still has increased growth. Young plants should therefore be repotted into a slightly larger container every spring.

You only need to repot older plants every 3-4 years. In our article “Repot indoor plants properly. What to look out for” you will find some helpful tips.

Die Blätter der Ufo Pflanze sehen wie Ufos aus

If your UFO plant is too big for you or the shoots are too long, then it is best to cut them back in spring. However, cutting the shoots is not absolutely necessary for healthy plant growth, but it can ensure a more compact growth of the Pilea plant.

Your ufo plant family: how to propagate your ufo plant

Once you have bought a UFO plant and decorated your home with it, you can multiply all your Pilea

  • Cut off plant stems with at least five leaves and four centimeters in length with a sharp knife.
  • Plant your ufo plant cuttings in moist soil immediately afterwards.
  • After just two weeks, the small Pilea offshoots have formed new roots.
  • Alternatively, they also develop roots very well in a water glass. Here, however, you should make sure that the roots are not too long when planting. If that's the case, trim them off a bit before planting them in the pot.

You can grow many of the gorgeous saucers in your home without buying another UFO plant.

Is the UFO plant poisonous?

We can calm you down! The UFO plant does not contain any toxins and is therefore not dangerous for you or your cuddly toy. The only problem: your UFO plant doesn't particularly like it when you chew on its delicate leaf stalks. Therefore, it is best to make sure that your newly purchased plant is out of the reach of your pets.


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