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5 tips - buy plants for the office

Desk, chair and computer. This is usually the only thing to be found in an office. According to a British study, these rather spartan offices inhibit employee productivity. But with very simple tools you can change the bad climate in your office. With these tips you can easily buy plants for the office.

Good reasons why you should buy plants for the office

Scientists recently published a study investigating the effect of plants on people in office spaces. The result after years of research was: One plant per square meter increases employee productivity by 15 percent! More plants in the office improves workplace happiness, keeps the air clean, and increases concentration.

Air purifying effect

The air quality is often very bad, especially in the office. Furniture, paint, carpets and technical equipment create a thick air with a mix of chemicals. Office furniture made from plywood and chipboard emits formaldehyde. You can also find chemical compounds in floor coverings, paint and varnish that are released after a while. Especially in the city, benzenes get into the interior of the office through road traffic. Benzenes can easily be absorbed by the ivy and make your air a lot more pleasant.

You can purchase the ivy here.

Several studies show the benefits of plants in work and living spaces. In 1989, NASA published suggestions for pollutant-filtering plants. The aloe vera plant, for example, can filter an incredible amount of formaldehyde from the air.

You can easily buy this plant here.


Plants increase well-being and concentration

Plants have been shown to improve well-being and performance. Large plants are particularly good as they can act as privacy screens and create more privacy. You can find out more in our article on large office plants.

People feel most comfortable at around 35-50 percent humidity. Houseplants increase this humidity, which is especially beneficial in winter. Since the heating air is very dry at this time.


1. The right choice

The selection of your office plants plays a very special role. Would you like to buy plants for the office that are very easy to care for, have to tolerate a lot of sun and should also be conveniently shipped online? Of course, you can choose for yourself what you value most when buying office plants and which pollutants should be particularly filtered. Whether it's the dragon tree that cleans the air of xylenes, tricholorethene and benzene, or a blooming specimen, the orchid, that specifically filters formaldehyde from the air. You can learn more about air-purifying office plants here.

2. Easy maintenance

If you want to buy plants for the office, care is of course just as important. Above all, easy-care plants are of great importance for your office, as they sometimes have to survive your vacation or possibly have to endure the drought if you forget them. As you can probably already guess, the cactus is one of the easiest office plants to look after.

Would you like something other than a cactus, maybe a little more colourful? Then the croton in hydroponics is perfect for you. Hydroponics are generally incredibly easy to care for. If you want to know more about it, then have a look at our article on Hydroponics.


3 The right location

Of course you should first be clear about where you want to put your office plants. Should it be a rather shady corner or in the middle of the room? If you would rather buy shady plants for the office, then the Spathiphyllum would be perfect for you. It has a beautiful flower and large, strong leaves.

Large office plants are ideal for offices that are large and overlooked. In this case, they serve as a privacy screen and as an elegant eye-catcher. The ficus is very popular and, in addition to its pretty appearance, is very easy to care for. You can buy the Ficus easily and conveniently online.

The ragwort is ideal for particularly bright locations. It's a small plant, so it fits perfectly on any desk.

In our article on the subject of easy-care office plants you have a small overview of plants that won't cause you any problems.


4. There is more choice online

Not all plants are always available in flower shops and other plant markets. Often they are already sold out or are far too overpriced. Most of the time, the plants are far too cheap and as soon as they are in your office or apartment, they lose all their leaves and sadly die.

We advise you to buy plants for the office online. The plants come directly from the grower and guarantee the best quality. Buying plants for the office online is easy and safe and you have a huge choice, you can also buy plants that you won't find anywhere else.

5. Easy delivery

Are you very busy at work and just can't make it to a flower shop or plant shop? Buying plants for the office online makes everything so much easier. With just a few clicks, the plants you have ordered will be with you within a few days. Even in winter, professional online dealers ensure that the plants are well packed and reach you without any problems. And should there ever be a problem, reputable online retailers will refund you for the plant and send you a new one.


Buying plants for the office is not difficult at all with our 5 tips. Make sure that the plants are not too cheap, because that usually doesn't mean anything good. Hydroponics are particularly easy to care for, so you might reconsider buying such a plant. You now know what plants are good for in your office and can not only improve your physical health but also your mental health. Plants make everything so much better and encourage effective work.


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