5 luftreinigende Pflanzen für Dein Zuhause

5 air-purifying plants for your home

We humans spend a large part of our lives in closed rooms instead of in nature and in the fresh air. The indoor air in large cities is often of poorer quality than the air outside the rooms. And that affects our quality of life and health. We explain to you how bad air comes about and how air-purifying plants help you to improve the indoor climate.

Thick air?

The indoor air in your home is often characterized by tiny particles of harmful substances. Reasons for this are, for example, the use of materials for renovation, collected exhaust gases or emissions of chemicals, which are u. can be found in detergents.

Toxic substances can also be detected on your beloved furniture. These can come from adhesives or painted parts of your furniture, for example. As a result, the indoor air is contaminated with allergens, toxic chemicals or even mold spores. Formaldehyde is such a substance that i.a. is present in paints or solvents.bogenhanf als natürlicher luftfilter

Impact of poor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can manifest itself in symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, depressive symptoms and irritation of the mucous membranes. Existing symptoms can also be aggravated. Various substances such as benzene or solvents are also carcinogenic and can cause serious damage to health. Breathe again!

Now you're probably wondering how plants can help you to improve your indoor climate. Plants and people are the perfect partners. We humans breathe in oxygen and convert it into carbon dioxide. We also always breathe in pollutants, which are in the smallest particles in the air. Plants, on the other hand, do exactly the opposite - they absorb carbon dioxide, convert it into oxygen and release it into the air.

Beneficial bacteria

Small stomata in the leaves of the air-purifying plants absorb the chemical particles from the air, filter and process the resulting carbon dioxide and produce additional oxygen as a by-product. More specifically, bacteria in the plant soil work to metabolize the toxins and drain them into the soil. The additional oxygen output alone improves the air quality. A positive side effect of the cleaned air is that you will benefit from better sleep due to the reduced carbon dioxide.

Just fresh air at home

Regular airing of your rooms brings fresh oxygen and allows used air to escape. You can also reduce additional humidity, which is caused by hanging laundry and showering, for example, and thus prevent the formation of mold. Your indoor plants will also appreciate regular fresh air!efeutute als natürlicher luftfilter

And what about allergy sufferers?

Air-purifying plants are also ideal roommates for allergy sufferers. In addition to toxins, plants also filter allergens from the air. The ivy has super powers here – it releases a very high proportion of the moisture it has absorbed back into the air. This is of particular benefit to people with respiratory diseases, as their airways are better moistened and pathogens are less able to settle on them. cacti, spider plants and orchids are also allergy-friendly. The birch fig, on the other hand, can trigger flare-ups of allergies in people who are allergic to latex, for example, by exuding the triggering substances through its leaves in the room and is therefore not recommended.

Hydroculture instead of potting soil

As an allergy sufferer, you can use clay beads (hydroponics) instead of normal potting soil. In contrast to normal potting soil, the clay beads cannot form mold spores. In addition, you can minimize the risk of allergy flare-ups by educating yourself before buying a plant, caring for it optimally and regularly removing dust from its leaves. So even if you suffer from allergies, you can benefit from living with plants.

Purify your mind

Plants not only clean the air, they also promote your inner balance. They improve i.a. Your attention and productivity. Rooms in which there are many plants are often perceived as more pleasant and increase well-being. Plants or benign bacteria in the soil can release substances that increase the serotonin level and significantly lift your spirits. So if you beautify your office with plants, the combination of these effects will also be reflected in your energy level.

These air-purifying plants improve the indoor climate in your home

In general, all plants purify the air and are also able to release moisture into the air through their leaves. However, some houseplants are particularly good at picking up and absorbing pollutants from the air. For example, ivy is able to break down around 90% of the benzene in the air within a day. In addition, it can filter fecal particles from the air caused by living with pets.

Our top 5 air-purifying plants

Here you will find a selection of indoor plants that improve the indoor climate in your home:

  1. Tree Friend (Philodendron)
  2. Ficus (Weg fig, Ficus benjamina)
  3. Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum)
  4. Bow hemp (Sansevieria)
  5. Bamboo (Bambusoideae)
ficus als natürlicher luftfilter

You can see which toxins the top 5 plants can filter out here:

There are many other plants that can help purify the air. Some of these plants do not even require much care, e.g. B. the ivy, which can also be incorporated into wall decorations. So you can conjure up a nicer home even with a half-green thumb!

How many air-purifying plants do I need in the room?

At least one medium-sized plant is recommended for every 12 square meters of room. For a 70 sqm apartment, 6 plants would theoretically be enough to improve the air quality. However, the rule here is – the more, the better.


Plants are not only a beautiful facility, but thank you for watering with health-promoting effects. This is probably one of the many reasons why we are doing so well in our Berlin office:

We humans spend a large part of our lives in closed rooms instead of in nature and in the fresh air. The indoor air in large cities is often of poorer quality than the air outside the rooms. And that affects our quality of life and health. Shop your personal air filter now in our Shop!


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