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We offer you a botanical concept for your spaces should it be school or an office space, we got your back.

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1Plants can bring motivation and a fresh foundation to your company.

Every company needs inspired employees with great ideas and high work ethic. To achieve this great goal we can help you to create a thriving environment. Create the perfect concepts with plants to make your business a more productive space. According to your needs, we offer you different solutions that will keep you and your coworkers efficient, creative and happy.

Our system is easy and we can tailor it for any request. We create a perfect selection of plants for your needs, deliver it, set it up and take care of them for you. For a minimum of 3 months up to years, you can lease these selections according to your needs.  All you need to do is to contact us and receive your first free consultation without any commitment.

2A plant concept that shows your company’s values and class for clients & visitors.

A company’s appearance is important to convince clients or impress visitors. It communicates the core values of your business and how much you care about your clients. Our service is simple, we create a plant selection fitted for your needs, sending exactly the message to your customers that you wanted to communicate.

The concept can be leased for 3 months or even for years according to your needs. Delivery, set up and maintenance is handled by us. No taking risks with plants, no hassle with watering and light condition, we got you covered. Receive your first consultation for free without any commitment.

3Transform cold office rooms into desired environments.

We created this concept for the benefit of your business to enhance productivity. We help to create unique spaces with our tailored concept matching with your requirements. Get a free consultation, without commitment, receive a perfect offer for your needs and get it delivered without any inconvenience. The plants will be maintained by us, saving you the trouble of unhealthy plants. For your benefit, you can lease this concept from a minimum of 3 months up to a lifetime.

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